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Monetizing Resell Rights and Rebrandable Content

Resell rights and rebrandable content are sort of genius in the world of Internet marketing. As you know, one of the best ways to earn a great income online is to have a lot of content. You can use content to drive traffic, to sell, to set up passive income streams, and more.

The problem is, it can be a true pain to have to write all of your content yourself. You might not have the time to write it yourself or you might not feel like you have the skills to write it yourself.

Enter resell rights and rebrandable content. You can make great money without writing much (or at all) of your content yourself.

You see, there are great writers and content creators out there who are more than happy to produce content for you. In some cases they produce content with the specific purpose of making it available to people like you to resell.

In other cases people have sold the content themselves already and are ready to move on. Yet, they know that the content has a life still left in it for other marketers, like you.

Sounds pretty great, right?

Before we go any further, let’s talk about what resell rights and rebrandable content are.

Resell Rights Content

When someone sells something to you with resell rights, it means they are selling you the right to “resell” the content. Typically, you are not allowed to change any parts of the content (as you would be allowed to do if it were PLR (private label rights) content).

They’ve created the full product. You get to buy the rights to the product, sell it, and keep all of the money from doing so.

You can get affiliates to promote the product for you. You’ll pay the affiliates a commission, grow your list, and keep the rest of the money.

There are different types of resell rights content out there that you can buy. You can buy full, ready to go products. This means ebooks, reports, courses, etc.

In some cases, you can buy entire product funnels. These might include list building content, squeeze pages, sales pages, follow up emails— everything.

Rebrandable Content

Rebrandable content is a bit different in that it’s typically designed to help you earn money as an affiliate. A product creator will put a product together and then use software that allows you to place your links within that product.

In some cases, it will be a freebie report that’s rebrandable. So they’ll make it so that you can put your affiliate links inside of the freebie report. You, as the affiliate, will distribute that content around the web, hoping to earn affiliate commission.

This content is ready to go for you— all you have to do is distribute it. Essentially, you’re a traffic generator for the product creator.

How to Earn Passively With Resell Rights Content

The way you earn passively with resell rights content is really the same way you’d earn money if you were creating your own products. The difference is that you don’t have to take the time to create the products yourself.

In theory, you could get more products up for sale than those who take the time to create their own products. You are giving up on the expertise, credibility, and relationship building that can come along with creating your own products… but it can certainly be a fair trade off when you’re able to earn passively with content you didn’t have to create yourself.

Also, you can combine selling products you have created yourself with products you’ve bought the rights to. I’ve personally bought the rights and licenses to some incredible products and have made a lot of money doing that. People have come to know and trust my products so licensing the products of others that I believe to be exceptional has been a very smart move for me.

I suggest you take a look at what’s for sale in the resell rights world in your niche. You’ll probably be surprised and happy to find that there’s some great content out there for reasonable prices.

Find something that will interest an existing audience of yours. If you can make sales right away from your audience, you can easily earn back your investment.

Get your funnel up for sale. Use resell rights content as a list builder (check your rights). Funnel people to a product you have for sale that you purchase the rights to.

Focus on building relationships with those who join your list and go on to buy the products you have rights to. Get them to know, like, and trust you.

If you get these funnels up and running — from list building to autoresponder copy that sells products you’ve acquired rights to— and you spend time driving automated traffic to those funnels, then you can certainly earn passive income from resell rights products.

How to Earn Passively With Rebrandable Content

Rebrandable content works a bit differently. You aren’t going to sell this yourself in the hopes of earning an income that way, as if it were your own product.

What you’re going to do is find great content from product creators who are looking for affiliates, and who’ve made rebrandable content available. If they’ve gone through the effort of creating rebrandable content, then you know they’re in your corner and they want you promoting for them.

You’ll typically get a report or something to rebrand with your affiliate link— the affiliate link will point to one of their paid products and you’ll earn a commission every time someone buys through your link.

Along with the report, you’ll get rebranding software that will automatically insert your link into every spot the link is present within the report or book. This software is generally really easy to use— though sometimes it will only work with PC instead of Mac or vice versa. The product creator should be willing to work with you if that’s the case— even if it means inserting the link for you.

Once you have your link rebranded into the report, it will be your job to drive traffic to that report. You can upload it to filesharing websites, give it away with a squeeze page, send it out to your current lists and contacts, and so on. You can write articles, pay for traffic, use social sites to drive traffic, and more.

The more places you have your rebranded report, the more likely you are to get sales. Also, the more places you have your rebranded report, the more likely you are to make sales 24/7— whether you’re actively working or not. People will be downloading, reading, and buying from the work you’ve done to drive traffic in the past— that’s a great thing and can lead to a really nice, passive income.

Monetizing Resell Rights and Rebrandable Content

You now have a couple more options when it comes to earning money passively on the web. And you don’t even have to write the content yourself.

Think about whether resell rights or rebrandable content appeals to you the most. Then, come up with a game plan and passively profit.

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