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Maintaining Local Business Websites For Clients

Offline marketing can be extremely profitable. You’re an online marketer, so this may not have occurred to you. That’s actually a good thing– it doesn’t occur to many online marketers that there’s a whole wide world of offline businesses out there and that they could be making a very solid income from those businesses.

Offline business owners are used to spending quite a bit of money on advertising and marketing. They take out ads here and there and spend a lot of money on those ads and often aren’t even sure of the return on investment of those ads.

As an online marketer, you have a whole lot to offer to these business owners– and you can help them be sure of their return on investment. They’ll likely want to hire you again and again (hence the recurring and/or passive income) because they’ll be so pleased with the results.

As an online marketer, you have a whole lot to offer to these businesses. You can help them move their offline advertising efforts online. This can be extremely beneficial for them. This can be a business that you turn into a great part or full-time income earner for you.

If the businesses you target have never marketed online at all, then things are wide open for you to step in and help them– with great results. If they have marketed online before, you can help them get even better results. You can be the one to really ramp things up for them.

By the way, this is the perfect business model whether you’ve been in online marketing for years and you’re an old pro or you’re a beginner. Trust me, you know more than most of these offline business owners and you can learn the things you don’t know. You really just need the basics to run with this great business model.

Why Offline Business Owners Will Hire You

Business owners will hire you because they’re desperate to make waves online. They know they need to get started with a website and online marketing. That’s the only real way they can compete in today’s day and age.

If they’ve already gotten started with some sort of website or online presence, they know they need to get better to best their competition. They need to build their list and increase their reach, online and off.

Even if you’re relatively new to online marketing yourself, as I mentioned, then the chances are very good that you know a whole lot more than most offline business owners. You can learn the things you don’t know– so believe in yourself. You can profit nicely from this business model and greatly help offline business owners in the process. You’ll almost certainly be helping them more than a spot in ‘the Yellow pages’ might these days.

They will also hire you because they don’t have time to create and maintain an online marketing presence themselves. They are often used to hiring things out. They want to hire this out– so you coming to them is the perfect situation. You’re the one for the job, and people will hire you. You’ll have to set yourself apart from others offering a similar service, of course… And you’ll have to deliver on what you promise. Do that and businesses will fall over themselves to hire you.

So, turn yourself into the one to hire for the job– I’ll help you do that.

Services You Can Offer to Offline Business Owners

For the most part, we’re talking about offering websites for offline business owners. These websites can be as simple or as involved as you and your clients wish.

You can create for them what is essentially a lead capture page– they can drive their offline customers there as well as new online customers. Whether the lead capture page is the main part of the service you offer or not, it should be part of every package you offer.

You can create a full website for your client. This is probably one of the highest value and most common services you’ll offer. You can charge a handsome fee for this. Admittedly, many businesses will have some sort of a website these days, although they might not be great– so you might be revamping their website or making it better.

You can also offer full marketing packages– including a website, a blog, a squeeze page, and even social media and other marketing activities.

What I’m talking about above is really what you can turn into passive/recurring income. You can get people to pay you a recurring income to maintain these things month after month. If you hire others to do the maintaining or you set it up to mostly take care of itself with some checking in, it can be more of a passive income. If you offer reseller hosting to these companies you can collect passive income, more fitting with the classic definition.

The choice as to what you offer is yours. Figure out what the offline business owners you’d like to target would be most likely to go for. What do you want to offer? Where do your skills and talents lie? You may be able to outsource some of the things you can’t or don’t want to do yourself. Figure it out, get a team behind you if you want, and get ready.

Building Spec Websites For Types Of Offline Businesses

Here’s another ‘passive’ income idea. I wanted to mention this business model because it has worked well for some in the past. You can decide to target a type of business instead of a specific business– like dentists, for example.

You can then build a spec website for dentists in a specific area (or whatever type of business you’re focusing on). The area you focus on can be local to you or local to anywhere else, really.

The spec website will be fairly generic in that you could plug in any specific business name into it. It will be specific in that it’s specific to the area and business type.

You can then sell this website to a business in that location. They can buy the website and hire you on an ongoing basis to maintain it and make any needed changes to it.

Or, you can turn this into a passive income stream by renting it out to them. If they choose to stop renting it, you’ll rent it to a competitor in that local area.

Building Custom Websites For Offline Businesses

It will most likely be the case that you will spend most of your time and earn most of your money by building custom websites. You can do this as a service– and even earn a passive and recurring income from this.

You can build a website from top to bottom. Make sure you have a good idea of what their audience needs and deliver that. Put a strong focus on list building on the website for the client.

Maybe you will have a sort of standard website that you create that works for certain types of businesses. Or, maybe you will build from scratch each time. Give it some thought.

You can do the ‘rental’ business model even with these custom websites. They’ll pay you each month for their website. Or, you can set it up and hand it over to them. It’s probably in their best interest to continue to hire you to maintain the website.

You can use something like WordPress to create a great website. That’s easy for you to work with and easy for the client to work with.

Getting People to Upgrade Their Services

You’re in business for yourself, so it’s important to think of ways you can increase your income over time. No matter what you choose as your main service, you’ll want to think of ways to get your clients to upgrade to additional services.

You can offer entry-level websites for one price… But offer upgraded, better websites and packages for another price. This upgrade should be very enticing and offer clear value.

You can offer full marketing packages that will help their website really take off.

Your client will probably see the most return on investment from list building activities. So, that’s definitely a great upgrade you can offer. Help them build a great customer list and even help them write emails and maintain that list. They’ll see the great results they get from that.

You can offer to run their social accounts and get those set up in the first place.

Since you are looking for recurring income, you’ll want to make sure you offer monthly, recurring packages. This is where you’ll work for them month after month. You’ll get to count on the income and they’ll get to count on the results they’re getting from the online marketing you’re helping them with.

Getting People to Pay You Month After Month

Let’s talk more about how to get people to pay you month after month. You want the security of recurring monthly income. They want the security of knowing that their online marketing is in good hands– yours.

But they won’t know you at first. So, you might want to offer a starter package so they can test your services. From there, they’ll be enrolled into a recurring monthly package.

Or, you can do the starter work for them, then offering them a special monthly package once you know they are happy with that.

The point is that once your client knows you and is happy with the work you’ve done for them, they’ll be much more likely to hire you on an ongoing basis.

Make sure you deliver what you say you’ll deliver, when you say you’ll deliver it. Set yourself apart from others offering similar services. Go above and beyond.

Make sure your clients know that you are delivering results that might not be obvious to them at first. Show them month-to-month growth in social media numbers, website visitors, and email list subscribers, for example.

Work with them on strategy– but put yourself in the driver’s seat. They’re hiring you for a reason. They’ll want to keep you around month after month if it’s clear they’re getting a great return on investment.

Setting Yourself Apart From Others Offering This Service

I’ve mentioned a few times throughout this that you’ll want to make sure you set yourself apart from others offering this service.

One way to do that is by making sure you get to know the client and what they need and want. Treat that client like an individual. Do your homework. Figure out their USP and let that reflect in your pitch.

Get to know their audience. Make sure your marketing ideas reflect what their audience needs. Again, do your research and your homework.

Stay on top of marketing trends. Know what works now… Not what worked two years ago.

Most importantly of all, deliver real results. Focus on email marketing and list building for these clients. Just by doing that, you’ll blow them away, demonstrate true ROI, and set yourself apart from others.

Get Started Earning Recurring Income From Offline Clients

I hope you’re excited about this recurring income idea. You can turn this into a fantastic income. You can do this part time or full time. You can work with clients one time or get a series of clients to hire you month after month for recurring income.

Draft a business plan for yourself. Come up with a USP for your business. Get started and take your business to the height you want to take it to.

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