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Getting Others to Link to Your Money Pages

If you can leverage the traffic and assets of others, you can quickly scale up in business. You can also ensure that some of your efforts can be passive and lead to recurring income.

How can you get other people to drive traffic for you? How can you get other people to make sales for you?

It might help if you start to do some brainstorming on these points. In fact, I recommend you do some brainstorming both before you read through this and after. Connect your ideas—you’ll be surprised at the great, out-of-the-box ideas you come up with.

Using Affiliates to Link to Your Money Pages

Let’s get the most obvious idea out of the way first. You can use affiliates to link to your money pages.

You’ll offer up a commission to affiliates who make sales of your product.

There’s an easy incentive for affiliates here. They make sales and get paid. Clearly, they’ll want to link to your money page to do so.

Even though this method is obvious and pretty standard in the online marketing world, it’s sometimes the most obvious answer that you should go with.

Get tons of affiliates linking to your money pages and you can earn money passively. Get tons of affiliates linking to your recurring income money pages and you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Get Joint Venture Partners to Link to Your Money Pages

Another way you can get others to link to your money pages is to strike up joint venture deals. There are bound to be marketers you really admire and who you think you could have a mutually beneficial partnership with.

What do you bring to the table?

Maybe you have a great product you’ve created and you’d like to partner up with someone on promoting that product. It could be even better if you have a recurring income product.

Your JV partner could drive traffic to your money page so you can both share in the profits.

Or, maybe you’ll both drive traffic to your money page.

The goal here is to figure out a deal with a JV partner that has you both earning a lot of great money.

Offer Your Product on another Marketer’s Download Page

Another thing you can do to get another marketer to drive traffic to your money page is to give them a freebie product of yours that they can put on the download page for their own product.

This can be fantastic. They get your product to give away for free as a bonus to their customers. You get an opt-in to your list. After their buyer has opted in to your list to receive their freebie, you can direct them to your money page. This is something you can set up to have happen on autopilot.

The result is that you get real buyers on your list that are then automatically directed to a money page.

This is a situation that is mutually beneficial. Other marketers love to be able to give bonuses away to their buyers because it makes them look good. And you get buyers on your list—it’s free traffic.

Make sure your freebie product is only going on the download pages of products that are very closely related. You want to have a great message to market match to ensure this is as effective as possible. That also means making sure the money page you direct people to is also highly related to both the other marketer’s product and your freebie offer.

Run a Contest

Yet another way you can get others to send traffic to your money pages is to run a contest. You can have people do this as an affiliate contest or even as a contest for people who aren’t affiliates.

Those who send X number of visitors to your money page get a prize. Or, those who make $X in sales get a prize.

If people have a great incentive, they might be willing to send traffic to a page of yours. Start to brainstorm what might be a great incentive for people in your market to drive traffic for you.

I’ve done something where people who referred someone to a very low cost membership site earned credits they could redeem for free products of mine. That can work as an incentive, just as one example.

Do Them a Favor

Here’s another very simple way to get people to link to a money page of yours. You can do them a favor! Maybe you’ve promoted something for them, with nothing expected in return. Sort of a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” situation. They might be willing to refer people to your money page.

If you develop relationships with people in your niche, they’ll often willingly help you out. Other marketers might tell people about things you’re working on, just because they like you and they’re excited about you.

Your readers and customers might start to tell people about your products, simply because they like you and your products so much.

Treat people right and this will happen a lot more than you might think.

How do you conduct yourself every day? Do you do favors for people? Do you do things without expecting anything in return? What do your relationships look like with other marketers and everyday people in your niche?

Think about these things… give more than you expect to receive and you’ll like receive more than you give as a natural result.

Write Something Shocking, Eye-Opening, or Extremely Helpful

Another way you can have people drive hands-off traffic for you is if you write or create something that’s shocking, eye opening, or extremely helpful in a way that nothing has been before.

You can get your offer, your money page, to go viral. Brainstorm ways you can do that. See what you can come up with and how you can get people talking in your niche.

Run With These Ideas…

These are just some ideas you can run with. Figure out what’s going to work best for you. I think you’ll be extremely happy to find that you really can get other people to drive traffic for you—and that can help you earn a passive and even a recurring income.

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