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How To Become Prolific In Product Creation

How many products have you created and released? Now, compare that number to the products you’ve planned to create and release.

If you’re like many people I talk to, then the number of products you’ve planned and dreamed of is vastly different than the number of products you’ve actually released. In fact, sadly, you may have planned many products but never released any at all.

Or, maybe you’re just having trouble keeping up. You really want to create products and you’re really motivated to do it, but you just find that it’s so overwhelming. There’s a lot that goes into creating a product, that’s for sure.

The problem becomes that you’re not as prolific as you want to be. You want to be one of those marketers who writes (or however you create your products) and releases new products all the time. You know that this is how you get customers addicted to your products. You know this is how you build a real buyer’s list. You know that success can really snowball once you have a lot of products out on the market.

In fact, prolific product creation makes up a lot of my own business. I’ve created many products and released many products. People can’t believe the size of my product catalog once they realize just how many products I’ve released over the years.

It’s important to mention that you don’t release products just to release them. You release them because you feel there’s a real need for them on the market. You release them because you know in your heart that they can help people.

If you want to become a prolific product creator, that’s absolutely something you can achieve. You can become prolific in product creation if you understand a few different things and change how you run your business.

You Need Great Product Ideas to Become a Prolific Product Creator

If you want to become prolific at creating products, then you need great product ideas. You need a lot of ideas to work from. You can’t force these ideas to come to you the minute you want to create a new product. I find it’s much better to keep a notebook full of ideas that you can turn to whenever you want.

You have to know what’s selling well in your niche. You don’t want to waste time creating products that are never going to sell.

You also need to know which topics and subtopics are popular. You can tackle evergreen (always popular) topics or trendier topics.

It’s also important to take a unique angle so people will want to buy your product over the other options that are out there.

You Need a System for Creating Products Quickly and Well

It’s also important that you have a system for creating products. We’ve talked about the fact that product creation can seem overwhelming and daunting because there are so many steps involved.

If you follow a good system for creating products, it’s not that difficult after all. You can chunk and really break down the steps it takes to create a product and get it done in no time.

For example, if you want to create a smaller, easier type of product, you can create a product that tackles one problem people in your niche have and offers one solution to that problem.

This type of product is so narrowly focused that you can easily get one done in just a day. I know that might seem crazy if you’ve spent months creating products in the past, but it can be done and these smaller products can be very profitable.

If you don’t yet have a system for creating products, it’s time to find one or create one. Break your tasks down and get them done. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and the more you do it, the easier it will become.

You Need a Schedule for Creating Products

If you give yourself an indefinite amount of time to do something, then it most likely will not get done.

If you say that you’d like to release “several” products over the course of this year, what does that really mean?

Do you want to release 5 products, 10 products, or 20 products?

It’s important to know exactly how many products you want to release – what does it mean in your mind to be prolific?

Not only that, but you should have a schedule for when you will release these products. Know that you want to release one a month, or whatever it will be for you.

You can schedule yourself down to exact dates of when you plan to start creating the product and when you plan to release the product. Stick to your schedule.

It can also help to have a schedule so affiliates know when they can expect your products to be available for promotion – and we all know how important affiliates are for product creators.

The More You Do It, the Easier It Will Get

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating over and over again. The more often you create products, the easier it will become to create even more products.

The first time you set out to create a product, it might seem next to impossible. But then you realize that it actually is doable and you’ll maybe even enjoy parts of the process

The next product will be easier to create. The next one will be even easier than that was.

As you start to become a prolific product creator, you’ll become a machine. You’ll be one of those people others admire because you’re able to release really fantastic products that resonate with your audience and you’ll be able to do it very quickly.

Product Creation Can Change Your Life

It’s important to think about the goals you have when it comes to becoming a prolific product creator. You probably don’t want to create products just to create them. You want to change lives and earn money.

Make sure you set very specific goals related to this. How much money do you want to earn? How many customers’ lives do you want to impact?

The life of a product creator can be a great one. You can design your own schedule, release products that mean a lot to you and earn you a fantastic income, and build great relationships with affiliates and customers.

Prolific product creation can be a great step for you and your business.

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