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Earning Extra Money From Your Products

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of doing the same old, same old. But, are you really maximizing your efforts to get better results?

If you’re a prolific product creator, then you’re hopefully earning some, or even a lot, of money online.

Or, maybe you haven’t quite launched your info-product empire now but you have big plans for it and want to maximize your earnings.

It’s smart to make sure you’re getting absolutely everything you can from your products. Make them really earn for you.

Brainstorm for Ideas

You know your business best. I’m going to give you some ideas today on what you can do to maximize your earnings from your products.

Take these ideas and run with them as-is. Or, use them as a jumping off point for your own ideas.

I encourage you to take a look at your products and write down everything that’s unique about them. Brainstorm ways you can earn even more from every one of them. Keep a running list of your ideas.

Then, implement those ideas and profit more.

Be Creative

Be creative. Come up with ideas in the shower or while you’re going for a walk.

Look at how others are earning more with their products.

There’s nothing wrong with going outside the box and doing things differently than you’ve ever done before.

Be willing to take risks, be creative, and follow the money.

Cross-Link Your Products

One great way you can earn more with your products is by cross-linking them. Are you promoting other products within your product? That can work really well, especially when the products are very closely related.

The end of a product is often a great spot to use for promotion because people have liked your product enough to finish it and will likely be ready for more.

You can also drop the name of a product within a product—just make sure you do that only where it makes sense to. You don’t want to annoy people and over-promote. But, it can work really well to point people to a product you know will help them.

Make Use of Upsells and Downsells

Try to make use of upsells and downsells. If you just have a single sales page but nothing to upsell, you’re likely leaving money on the table. Upsells work because people already have their wallets out and are in a buying mood.

Make sure your upsells are highly related. It should feel natural for the person to buy that product— like it’s a perfect match to them and to what they’ve just bought.

Be careful, though. You don’t want them to feel like the product they just bought isn’t valuable at all. You don’t want to isolate those who aren’t going to buy the upsell. But, it should work really well and feel like a natural step for those who are primed to go ahead and buy that upsell.

This works well when you have products that are highly related. You can expand on products to make them upsell-worthy. You can turn products into courses. You can create new products. You can add a personal coaching component—you get the idea—there are limitless ways to use upsells to make more from your products.

Make It Really Easy For People to Find Your Products

I’ve sometimes been really interested in buying more products from someone, only to find it next to impossible to actually find their products. They’ve sometimes taken stuff off the market completely. More often than not, they just don’t have their products well-organized and easily findable.

If you want to earn more money from your products, make sure people can find them to buy.

Make sure it’s almost addictive to buy your products—like they want to buy absolutely all they can get their hands on.

You can sometimes run special sales on individual titles or bulk titles to liven things up a bit when sales have grown stale.

Get On Other Marketers’ Download Pages

You can work to get your products on other marketers’ download pages. These are pages where their customers are actively engaged in what’s going on. They’re downloading the product they just bought.

They might see your product there, if you can get a joint venture with that marketer to get on their download page. You can make sales and get traffic from proven buyers.

You can also strike up a deal to have one of your products added as a bonus. All people have to do to receive it is join your email list.

You can then market additional products to them from there.

This can be a really smart way to make more sales of your products.

Use Your Content in More Than One Way

There are always ways to use your content in more than one way.

Bundle your content and create special offers with it.

Use content from a past product as a way of generating traffic—you can break it up into articles or blog posts.

Use some of your content as a basis for a course, membership, or coaching program.

Do some brainstorming. How can you take products you’ve created but aren’t earning to their full potential and repackage them so they earn more?

Refresh Stale Products

Sometimes, you have products you created but have gotten a little stale. Things might have changed since you first created the product.

You don’t have to give the product up for dead. Instead, do a refresh. Edit it to reflect what’s going on today. Add to it now that you have more experience.

Once you refresh a product, you can re-launch it for more sales.

Get More Affiliates On Board to Constantly Get Fresh Eyes on Your Products

A big part of making more sales from products is constantly getting fresh eyes on that product. You want to get in front of more eye balls in your niche.

One of the best ways to do that is to get more affiliates on board. Joint venture and gather affiliates who will mail about your products and spread your name far and wide. That will help you gain authority and get more sales from your stable of products.

Create Courses From Your Work

I’ve mentioned this a bit above. You can edit and repackage some of your work to form a larger course. Sometimes, people aren’t looking for some information here and there—they want a course that will take them from start to finish.

You can offer a home study course that will fill this need for them. You can charge a lot more for a home study course than you can for a standard product.

Re-Position Your Products

Take a look at your products’’ sales pages. Are they good? Could you tweak things to improve conversions?

What about positioning? Take a look at similar products that are on the market and the potentially creative ways they’re marketing their product. You can get some good ideas that way.

Sometimes, some tweaking and repositioning here and there can make a huge difference for your product sales. Remember to focus on the benefits of your product rather than the features. Make sure you’ve truly pulled out and focused on the top benefit for your sales page.

Profit More

This is really just the start of all the great things you could do to earn more from your products. This can actually be an exciting process. You get to breathe new life into your info-product business and earn more money—potentially a lot more money.

Make your plans, keep a running list, implement your profitable product ideas, and profit!

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