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Using PLR to Create Products

If you’re looking for a faster, easier way to create products, then PLR might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

PLR stands for private label rights. There are writers and product creators out there who offer PLR to the products and things they’ve written. Many of the physical products you can buy in the grocery and drug store are sold using private label rights. The store brand name might go on a box of aspirin, for example, but the company who owns the store most likely didn’t produce the aspirin.

When you buy PLR rights to a product or a piece of content, it means you get to put your name on content you don’t have to fully create yourself. The bulk of the work is done. You’ll most likely add your own spin here and there, but you are cutting a lot of corners while still coming out with a high quality result.

When you buy private label rights to a product, then the research is already done. The product is already organized and well thought out. The person who created the product has done so much upfront that you’re left with very little to do before you get the product to market.

Making PLR Content Your Own

Of course, you never want to use PLR content just as it is. In some cases, the product creators you buy the content from will allow you to do that. Still, in most cases, you will be required to change some or much of the content.… and I think you’ll want to change the content and really put your stamp on it anyway.

Generally, you won’t be allowed to keep the product creator’s name on the content. You’ll be required to put your own name on the content since you’re the one selling it, which is a good thing anyway.

Often, when you buy PLR content, it will be written for a more general audience. Only you know your specific audience really well. That’s why you should go through the product from the point of view of someone who might buy it from you – someone in your direct audience.

From there, you can tailor the content to fit your needs so it will really help your audience members who buy it.

You can also add additional facts and research you’ve done on your own as well as add your own experience. In fact, that’s what I recommend you do because it will help your content to stand apart from others.

And by the way, if you’re worried about using PLR content because other people also have rights to that content, don’t be. As long as you make it your own and present it to your specific audience, you should be just fine.

Where and How to Buy PLR Content

There are tons of people out there who sell PLR content. Generally, they offer it for sale for a very reasonable price. It’s reasonable in price because they sell it to more than one person. In some cases, there’s a cap on how many people can buy the content. In other cases, there’s no limit to how many people can buy the content. You can find PLR content in the form of articles, reports, e-books, and more.

You can search for “your niche” PLR content and variations of that to find relevant content. You can also go to specific PLR sites. Gail Buckley has an extremely popular and high quality one that caters to all niches. The is really your best bet for value and, as an extra plus, all the content comes with ready made PowerPoint promotional portfolios.

You can save yourself a lot of time and money with product creation by buying PLR content, since you don’t have to do the research, organization and the initial draft of the product. You can just take what’s there in your PLR and make it your own. You don’t have to hire a ghostwriter or spend a lot of money on the content in order to get a head start on things.

Profiting with PLR Content

After you’ve made the PLR content your own, it’s important to find its unique selling point. You’ve edited it and added to it with your audience in mind. So, make the benefits of buying your product clear when you start advertising it to your customers – especially on its sales page.

Before you sell it, pay attention to the rights you acquired when you bought the PLR content. Again, you might not be able to leave the content as is, you can’t leave the product creator’s name on there, and so on.

Note that you generally can use the content in more than one way. You might decide to use the product as a list builder. You might break it apart and use it as blog posts. That’s in addition to selling it as a larger product. Figure out what you’re allowed to do based on the rights the product creator has given you, and use the content in more than one way in your business if you’re permitted to.

Note that it is not a good idea to self-publish this content on Amazon Kindle or anything like that. You used to be able to do that, but these days you can’t at all – you really have to have completely original content to publish on Amazon.

Product Creation with PLR

Even if you generally create your products from scratch, you can absolutely supplement your product creation and become more prolific by using PLR content.

Using PLR is also a good way to get started if you’ve never created a product before and are hesitant to get started because you’re intimidated. Using PLR content as a launch pad can eliminate that hesitation you feel because so much of the work is already done for you.

Take a look at where your business is and where you want to take it. How can you use PLR as part of your product creation arsenal to earn more money?

If you’re smart about using PLR, you can profit from it many times over. You’ll pay a relatively small amount to acquire the rights to the product, and then turn it into pure gold.

If you want to earn more money and save yourself a lot of time, then private label rights content is a very smart way to do that. Just make sure you buy rights to products from high quality content providers and you should be well on your way to earning more money as a product creator, spending less time and energy on this than you ever thought possible.

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