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Product Creation

When people ask me what I think the most surefire path to earning a full time income online is, I often reply, “product creation.”

There are many great ways to generate an income online. Nothing is right for everyone. But, I’d argue that product creation is right for the greatest number of people.

People buy information because they want to learn something, feel something, or be entertained. The Internet means that people have unprecedented access to information. In some cases, people can find the information they want for free. But that doesn’t mean they want to spend the time doing that—they want to buy a product that brings it all together for them.

That’s something you can do. You can be someone who researches and creates products that help people. You can teach them things, inspire them, and help them in a way they really need.

But where you can really make a difference is when you have an idea for a product that’s different from what’s already out on the market. People need and want to learn things in new ways. They’re tired of dealing with the same problems and going through the motions. They want to be inspired and learn from someone who can approach things in a way they need them to.

People have told me that my products are like that for them and that they struggle with finding real solutions to their mindset, business, and earning needs. The way I approach the topics I write about is different from what many product creators tend to do. My vast catalog of products is something I’m extremely proud of. It’s also part of why I earn a great income in my business.

Today, I hope to inspire you to start generating an income with product creation. You’re going to approach your products differently than other product creators. You’re going to create products on topics people are willing to pay handsomely for.

How to Choose Topics to Create Products Around

One of the biggest struggles newer product creators often have is what they should create products about. It’s easy to feel completely stuck for ideas. Or, maybe you’ve had ideas for products in the past that didn’t really work out.

It’s very important to create products on topics people are willing to pay for. As I’ve mentioned, there are plenty of topics out there that people are interested in, but aren’t willing to spend money to learn about.

There are also some topics only a select few are willing to pay for—hardly enough to earn a lot with a product.

So, those two pieces have to be there when you choose a topic to create a product about. There should be a relatively large audience who wants to learn the information and that is also willing to pay for it.

Once you’ve chosen a topic idea, it’s a good idea to find a unique angle on that product idea. How can you approach the topic in a new way?

The One Problem Product

It can be overwhelming to think about creating a big product that’s all encompassing. What if you spend all this time creating a product that just doesn’t work out?

That’s why a one-problem product can work so well. You can find a narrow, very specific product idea to create a product around. Think about a problem people in your niche have that they are desperate to solve.

You can find or create one solution to that problem. When you do that, you’ve sort of created the perfect product. People have this one problem they’re desperate to solve and you’re giving them an easily accessible answer, presented in a way no one else has presented it.

That’s a great thing! These one-problem products are so condensed and focused that you can create them quite quickly. These aren’t huge products, but they can be hugely profitable. Consider that when you’re wondering what you should create a product about.

Sure, you can do well with a more general product. But, you can often do just as well, or better, with these quicker, easier products.

What Type of Product to Create

Another great thing about product creation is that there are so many options for how you create the product. The majority of info-products are probably written reports or ebooks.

You can also choose to create video products, audio products, courses, memberships, and a combination of any of the above. You can add on components, such as worksheets, which is something I often do.

Don’t think that you’re limited to just one specific type of product. Consider where your skills and talents lie and the type of product you think would serve your audience best.

Getting Your Product Up For Sale

You have to get a buy button up on that product if you want to make sales! Typically, you’ll sell your product with a sales page. This sales page will focus on the benefit of your product and how it will solve the problem of your customer.

You’ll get your buy button up, making it really easy to buy your product. Ideally, your product will be delivered instantly after someone buys. You can use something like JVZoo, E-junkie, Nanacast, Warrior Plus, or ClickBank to manage your sales, buttons, and delivery.

Driving Traffic to Your Product

Just because you create a product and get a buy button up doesn’t mean you’ll make sales. You have to get targeted, buying traffic to see your offer.

You can use both free and paid methods of driving traffic to your sales page. Work hard to get traffic to see your product so you can get sales. Don’t give up and assume your product isn’t working until you’ve worked to get enough traffic to the page.

One of the best ways to get traffic to your sales page is to get affiliates on board to promote your offer. The sales platforms I mentioned above will help you manage your affiliates. People will mail their lists and work to promote your offer, using their designated affiliate link. They’ll earn a commission for each sale they refer. You both win! You get hands-off traffic and they get to earn from the product you created.

Create Your Product!

Product creation is an evergreen, surefire way to generate an income online. You surely have a great idea for a product. If you don’t, do the research to find a profitable product idea. Focus on a narrow topic and you can create a great product that your audience will love, very quickly.

Your products can sell for you day and night. You can create more products over time, snowballing your income and really making a big impact on your audience.

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