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Understanding the Sales Funnel

If you measure success just in terms of how much traffic you get or how many subscribers you get, or even how many sales you make, you will not actually see the big picture.

You see, the bulk of the money that you make online will be with repeat customers, future backend products, and upsell and upgrade products.

Sure, you want to structure your frontend so that it pays for itself, and if you make some money on it, that is great. But one of the huge keys to long term online success is creating a sales funnel and using it to ‘funnel’ profits into your system.

A sales funnel works like this: You offer an entry level product to allow the customer to ‘try you out’. Once they purchase the initial product, and experience doing business with you, try out your product and see that it does everything you promised and more, then they will feel much more comfortable purchasing something else from you. And that something else can be a bigger, higher priced item.

The more someone has purchased from you, the more likely they are to purchase from you in the future. So instead of creating a one time product up front, you will enjoy more long-term profit by utilizing a sales funnel.

In addition to that funnel and the associated sales involved in it, I also offer additional, low cost, private label products to my list. As they purchase these items, they become more comfortable spending money on both my products and products I recommend.

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