An Argument for High Ticket, High Quality Selling

Do you think it is easier to find 1500 people to buy a lousy $10 ebook from you each month than it is to find 3 people to pay you $5000 to show them everything you know about your niche?

Do you think it is easier to find 150 people to pay you $100 to send you a lame 100 page ebook that barely is able to tell people what to do, let alone how to do it – or to find 3 people to pay you $5000 to teach them everything you know?

Do you think it is easier to find 30 people to pay you $500 to send you a set of CDs where they can listen to you drone on and on about how to do something spectacular in your niche (you and I both know [or at least you do now] that most people don’t even listen past the 1st or 2nd CD) or to find 3 people who will gladly pay you $5000 to reveal all your secrets?

Oh! I can hear you now.

“I don’t know any thing I can charge $5000 for."

Well, I disagree.

If you know anything that you can sell the 100 page ebook version of the information for $100 – you know something that 3 people per month will pay you $5000 for.

Yes – you read that right.

Don’t believe it – read it again.

Take a walk.

Dwell on it.

OK – still not there?

Think about this.

Let’s imagine you are a sales person in your offline world.

You are a good sales person.

Could you teach the average sales person to become a better sales person?

Hmmm…could you?

Ok – how much does the average sales person make?

30K per year? 40K per year?

Ok, if you can teach this sales person to double his earnings to 80K per year – for the rest of his working life – how much is that worth to a sales person?

If you come up with less than $5000 – you are not valuing your own expertise enough.

If you come up with $10,000 – you are probably getting closer to reality.

So now you say to me – well, but not all sales people can afford to pay me $5000 or $10,000, even if they wanted to.

That’s right – but if every sales person you knew could pay you $5000, could you deliver the goods?

Could you really teach 100 people with the same intensity you can teach just 4 people per month? I am talking about really bringing them under your wing, and teaching them the keys to doubling their income.

So all you need is 4 people you personally mentor to double their income – just 4 people per month. Is that too much to ask?

Ok, so now you are thinking, well, I am not in the sales niche – I am in another niche.

Well, you have to decide if your niche and expertise is conducive to this. And if it is not – you have two choices – you sit down, start crying about how everybody else can make money online, and how you have always been disadvantaged in your life, and you are stuck living in poverty for the rest of your life. Or you can learn something new that you can teach people. Or you can look into your background and find something else you can teach people that is worth $5000 per person – remember – all you need is 3-4 people per month, to make $15,000 to $20,000 per month.

So let’s brainstorm.

Let’s say you run a restaurant in real life.

Are you good at it?

Are you better than average?

By the way, if you are not, why?

Why aren’t you the very best in your field?

You see, I only like to work with the very best. If you don’t do your 9-5 job the very best way you can, you probably aren’t going to do your very best online. And online there are two types of people: the very best, who earn the very most – and everybody else. So if you don’t want to be the very best online, please stop reading this now. I can’t help you.

So let’s imagine that you have run a restaurant for 10 years. You have learned to run a profitable restaurant.

Let’s apply the logic we applied on this last illustration, to this:

How much does the average restaurant owner make? $100K per year?

How much can you teach him or her to make, by teaching him or her everything you know and really coaching him? $150 – 200K?

So what is your expertise worth to him or her?

You are going to teach them to make an extra $50K to $100K per year.

Is that not worth $5000? $10,000?

I challenge you to tell me you can’t find 3 restaurant owners per month that will pay you $5000 to learn everything you know about running a restaurant profitably.

Ok – so what about you?

What about your expertise?

What can you teach someone to do that will help them earn an additional $50K per year?

Can you find 3 people per month that want you to teach them how to do it – and pay you just $5000 to learn?

Look – that is a 1000% ROI. Someone invests $5K with you – and the next year they make $50,000 more than they did this year.

So now the next question is: how would you teach someone what you know?

What if you were to document what you know, in easy to follow steps, and make that available? What if you were to add some personal contact – perhaps a teleseminar class where you meet with them on the phone for an hour per week for 8 weeks. You give them unlimited access to you via email. You even throw in a couple of hours of your one-on-one time. You teach them everything you know about growing their business to the next level. Because you are so available to them, if you inadvertently miss something in your teaching – they can ask you the question, and you can answer it for them.

You are going to literally hook them up – pardon my slang – and give them to keys to increasing their income by $50K per year.

Can you see yourself doing that?

I can see you doing that.

Are you concerned that your niche, your personal experience, isn’t enough to warrant someone paying you $5000?

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