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Know What’s Going on First in Your Niche

People desperately want others to tell them what's going on and how to think. It doesn't matter which industry it is or what topic you're talking about, this is something that’s universal. If you can become a news bringer and a thought leader in your niche, you can make great headway as a marketer.

The way this is done is by becoming a news bringer in your niche. Essentially, you are going to position yourself as a thought leader and expert in your niche. You are going to keep up with and deliver the latest news in your niche.

In some cases, you’re even going to create the latest news. If you think about it, the people you consider to be gurus are those you wait with baited breath to hear the latest news from. If they tell you something has changed, you believe it. If they tell you something is new, different, and really works, you believe it. If they tell you that you must buy something, you believe it.

You believe it because they have trained you to believe that they are thought leaders. They have trained you that they are news makers. They may or may not be in reality. But that is what you are truly going to become for your readers and the people in your niche.

How do you create the latest news? One of the best ways is to develop and publish your own case studies and results. This might seem simple, but it's something that very few marketers take the time to do. There are so many people out there who really want to know if something works or doesn't work. It's so simple to test a certain method and publish it on a blog or in a report and give it to people as a list builder or viral marketing technique. You can show people, in real-time, whether something works or doesn't work.

If you develop and publish your own case studies and show people the results, they'll come to love and trust you. That's because so many marketers only deliver theories as to what works but don't really present it in that way. They just expect people to believe that what they are telling them is true. By showing people the actual facts of what works and what you have followed through with and tested, you'll be standing out in a really great way.

You can develop and publish case studies using other people's methods or using your own methods. It's even better when you use your own methods because then you can really make a splash in the market. You can even test your own theories by expanding on other people's theories. Make your own tweaks that you can add your name to. You can then showcase your results, publish them, and again, make a huge splash in the marketplace.

When you run and share your test results, people will pay attention. That's the kind of thing people love to share on their blogs and on their social media accounts. It's also the kind of thing that can go viral, leading others to spread your name far and wide.

People are always desperate to know how to get more traffic. You’re probably desperate to know how to get more traffic. Well, publishing your own case studies and test results based on strategies is one of the best ways to get people to naturally want to share your content. People love to find data like this, and you're handing it to them on a silver platter.

Essentially, when you are a news maker, you want to do the dirty work yourself. You want to become the primary source of information, data, and content that others will want to share. This is a phenomenal way to really stand out for just about every niche out there. Of course, it works especially well in marketing niches or any other niche where data and testing is prevalent.

No matter which niche you’re in, you want to be on the cutting edge of everything that is happening. You should subscribe to alert services for the latest news in your niche so you can immediately report on those things on your blog and on social media.

People in your niche want to find people who will tell them how to think. That might seem strange, but it's absolutely true. New things happen all the time and people look to their favorite bloggers, social media stars, and even their favorite product creators. They want to know how to think about these new events. You want to become one of those people who give your opinion and have people follow you.

That's why it can be so helpful to have your own blog. If you have your own blog, you can be one of the first people to report on new events that happen within your niche. This can be a great boon to your traffic, because Google also wants to rank blog posts that report on news that has just been released.

Reporting on trends and breaking news is a fantastic way to get traffic, to get people to share your content, and to get an audience that naturally comes back to you time and time again to find out what's going on, and that tells them how to think.

Beyond reporting on the things on your blog, you should consider creating a newsletter. This newsletter can go out quarterly, weekly, or even daily. Release it however often you’d like. This can be different than your typical email update you send to your email list.

You can create this newsletter to share with your list, to share with social media, to share on your blog, and so on. This newsletter can contain the latest news, the latest data and industry trends, your personal data and testing, and more. You can even get other experts to contribute to this newsletter. It can be really helpful for you to associate with other experts because that gives your name a boost as well.

You always want to make this content and data shareable. Your hope is that it goes viral. An infographic works exceptionally well, in this case.

This kind of content can take some work to put together, but it's the kind of work others aren’t willing to do. That makes it golden.

It really up to you to position yourself to give news on the status of your niche and it can help you become extremely popular. Few others are willing to do this or know how to do this so you can really stand out. This is something that many gurus do in certain niches and you can certainly take advantage of the strategy as well.

The point is that you want to become someone others turn to. You can turn this into a way to get more followers on social media and subscribers to your list. In fact, if you do follow this strategy, you should be cross sharing what you do to your blog, to your email list, and on social media. You want this content to go viral, but you have to give it a head start. You want people to be able to find what you've uncovered no matter where they look.

If you position yourself in this way, you'll get fans. As I've told you in another section, if you want to keep those loyal fans then you need to pay attention to personalization. One of the best ways to get ideas for content you can include in this kind of news making content is by paying attention to what people are talking about in your niche. That means checking in on news sites and social media every single day. You have to be on top of everything the very moment it happens.

This is something that you could actually outsource, if you needed to. You can have someone go to the news sites, blogs, and social media sites for breaking news and opinions for the top chatter that's going on in your niche, every single day. That way, you can focus on creating the actual content and building the relationships to get your name out there as a top expert. This is a top way to become a perceived “guru” in your niche.

How do you actually make money with this strategy? Again, this is all about positioning. If you position yourself as a news maker and thought leader, it will be extremely easy for you to get people to join your list and to sell things to them.

People will jump all over themselves to join your list so they are first to know about everything. They will also want to buy everything you come out with, simply because it's you putting it out. You can easily become somewhat of a celebrity in your niche. Others will talk about you and you can grow your list and followers. The strategy can be a lot of fun.

You have to be very mindful of this strategy so you can use it most effectively. Come up with a game plan. Decide when you’re going to come out with your newsletter. Decide how often you're going to scout for news and top chatter. Decide how you're going to position yourself and your goals for what you want this to lead to. If you pay attention to these things, you can more easily position yourself as an expert. Then, you can easily build your list and ramp up your income. This is excellent positioning and excellent marketing.

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