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Creating Credibility

One of the most important aspects of creating your online business is that of creating credibility. Your subscribers have needs that you possibly have the tools and resources to meet. However, your subscribers will only purchase from you when they believe that you will deliver what you say you will.

That process of creating credibility has to start at the very beginning. And the very beginning for someone who has read an article of yours, is the article. And the very first thing a reader sees in your article is your title. If your title says that you will tell the reader one thing, and the article tells the reader something else, you have lost credibility. Do not hype something in the article title that you cannot absolutely back up in your article.

The next step for building credibility is in the link between your article and your webpage or squeeze page. If you have a call to action in your bio that promises one thing and when the reader gets to your squeeze page, there is something different, you have lost credibility.

The same thing goes for the promised ebook or ecourse that you send out to your new subscribers for subscribing. It must match, exactly, what the reader was promised. Once again, you are building credibility, and you have to build it one step at a time.

Keep in mind, when the visitor reads your title, reads your article, clicks into your squeeze page or webpage, and subscribes to your list, they are experiencing 3 opportunities to assess your credibility, and that process may occur in just a few minutes, from beginning to end. You have an awesome opportunity to win them over forever on your credibility alone, or turn them off forever, on the same issue, credibility.

Another point at which credibility is created or destroyed is that of the email sequence itself, and the emails contained within. The emails must be credible. No hype. Your subject line must agree with the body of the email. If the only way to get someone to open an email is to hype and exaggerate, it is far better to just not send the email. Every email you send either builds credibility and trust, or it destroys it. Which are you doing? Ask yourself that before hitting send on any email.

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