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Why Your Content Must Be High Quality

What separates the content of the established experts from the experts who are just starting out? Well, volume is one. But so is quality. The two are equally important. Established experts have a lot more content online that those who are just starting out, but they also have something that is meaningful to say. You can create the volume simply by doing a little bit every day, and over time you'll build up more and more. But each time you do it, it has to be your absolute very best.

On one article directory I've seen authors rearrange the same information in a half dozen different ways in order to produce that many articles. But that doesn't demonstrate expertise. If anything it just shows how little they actually know. And it also proves they're not thinkers. You can't teach deep concepts if you don't think deeply about them. At best you can only tell people what you've learned from others. That raises a number of questions.

For example, where are prospects likely to see your content? Where do you expect them to go? How would they find you?

I think you know the answers, or at least some of them. The standard way that you and I find anything online is by searching for it. That's why search engine rankings are so important. If you can get people to see your content instead of somebody else's, then you'll have the best chance of attracting the prospects that you want. It's at that point that the amateurs are separated from the experts.

Experts, whether they're established, or just getting started, obtain high rankings by producing more high quality content. Amateurs on the other hand use every means that they can find because they don't have high quality content to contribute.

Let me say that again.

Experts, whether they're established or not, or just getting started, obtain high rankings by producing more high quality content. That's the name of the game. But amateurs don't have any high quality content to contribute, so they use every other means they can think of in order to get those rankings. Did you get that? If you're an expert, you have plenty say about your niche. If you're an amateur, then you don't. Because the search engines want the highest quality content at the top of their rankings, it means that when you produce it, they will reward you by giving those higher rankings. You just have to produce the content.

We need to back up a little bit. Why do you want people to know that you're the expert?

It's because you want them to come to your site. And when they visit your site, you then want them to find even more great information, and then join your list so they can learn a bit more about you, and then eventually buy the solution to their problems from you. That's the goal. You want to help people solve their problems, then they have to buy your products. They'll never find out about your products if you don't demonstrate your expertise just like the established experts.

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