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The Perfect Reason To Raise Your Prices

Have you been in business for awhile now? Are you better than when you first started at whatever it is that you do or teach? Then here's an excellent idea: Raise your prices.

Regardless of whether you provide information or a service, you should get paid according to the level of value you provide to your customers. The more value you provide, the more you should charge. And obviously the more experienced you are, the more value you're able to give to your customers.

Did you know that you and your products and services are judged by the prices you charge? Whether you charge $7 or $7,000, that's how much value people expect to get. Guaranteed there are customers who won't ever purchase a $7 product because they don't believe it holds enough value for them to bother. So one of the side effects of charging more is you get a more upscale type of customer.

Another benefit is those who pay $7 tend to demand as much or often times MORE customer service than those who pay $97 or $997. It's an odd fact of sales – people who are willing to spend more to receive superior products and services also tend to be self-starters. They don't expect you to hold their hand every step of the way like some $7 product purchasers do.

Mind you, this is of course a gross generalization. There are plenty of $7 product purchases who don't expect the moon for their money. But there are enough who do, that it causes some product sellers to wonder why they stay stuck selling low priced products and services when they can charge more, get better clients, and continue to offer tremendous value for the money.

Plus, it's always easier to sell one $70 product than it is 10 $7 products. It's also easier to sell one $700 product than 10 $70 products. Think about it. If you've built up the experience and know-how to make a real difference in your customers' lives, then it's about time you got paid what you're worth.

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