How to Be a Rockstar Ninja Business Badass

Want mega success online? Start by developing and protecting the greatest asset you can have - your confidence. "The big distinction here is to see confidence as an ability that you keep getting better at." -Dan Sullivan. Here are 5 ways to protect your own confidence as a business owner: 1. Put "Doing Cool Stuff" time in your calendar. Confidence doesn't come from "pumping yourself up with self-motivation," it comes from actually doing something well and worthwhile, whatever it may be. 2. Do more of what you're pretty damned good at. While there are real rewards from working on things you're not yet awesome at, refining your bright spots gives you the juice and passion you need to succeed. 3. Hold a Q and A call. Shifting your focus off of yourself and onto helping others is a great way to strengthen your confidence. 4. Take a social media break for a few days. If you find that social media is just another place for people to whine and bitch and blame and snipe and snark (and it often is) take a few days off to recharge your batteries. 5. Compare yourself to yourself, not to your idol. Rather than comparing yourself to something or someone currently out of reach, compare your present self to your previous self and notice how far you've come.

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