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The Best Way To Build Your List Of Buyers

You already know that a buyer is generally worth ten times more than a prospect who signs up for a free product. Here's the best way to continually build a list of buyers without having to buy solo ads or place advertising. 1. Create a simple product that solves one pressing problem in your niche. This might be a video, audio or ebook - it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that it delivers on exactly what it promises. 2. Create a simple sales page for the product and price it in the $7 to $12 range, depending on prices in your market. This should be an impulse buy for customers, not something they have to think long and hard about. 3. Use a program such as Delavo or Rapid Action Profits to manage affiliates and pay 100% commissions. That's right, you're going to pay 100% instant commissions to affiliates because you want to give them maximum incentive to send you traffic. Right now you're looking to build a list of buyers, and by offering 100% commissions your affiliates are going to be happy to send them to you. 4. Advertise your affiliate program to your list and via social media. 5. If you like, add an upsell to the offer that pays you. This way you'll not only be building a list of buyers - you'll also be making profit from the start. 6. Market products to your list to make money, and market your affiliate program to your list to continue to bring in more affiliates. Also, advertise your affiliate program inside the product itself. Some of your best affiliates will first be your customers. 7. Rinse and repeat. Optimally you want 5 to 10 fairly new products that pay 100% instant commissions to affiliates so that your affiliates always have something they can promote. 8. Continue to build and nurture your list of affiliates - these are even more important than your customers. Give your affiliates your products for free as you create each one, so they can see what they'll be offering their customers. Continue to use social media to find additional affiliates.

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