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3 Tricks You Can Use to Increase Subscribes 150% In a Month

If you're currently getting 300 new subscribers per month, would you like to make it 750? Here are 3 great ideas on how to do that... 1. Personalize your calls-to-action according to the content being viewed. Let's say you have a website on dog training, and on your website you have different articles or blogposts. One of your articles is on how to train poodles to do tricks. And on that page you have your generic offer of "Free, 27 dog training tricks." What do you suppose would happen if you personalized that offer, seen only on that page, to "Free, 27 Poodle Training Tricks?" This isn't difficult to do - simply create several free incentives and then place the most appropriate one on each page. If you have more time, create a special incentive for each page based on that page's content. It just makes sense that the closer your offer is tailored to the page's content, the higher response rate you will get. 2. Re-purpose existing content to use as subscriber incentives. If you already have lots of great content - whether it's articles, webinars, ebooks, etc., use it to your advantage to grab more subscribers. 3. Then create ads to place on your site, offering these incentives with a "click to learn more" button that leads to a squeeze page tailored to the exact content they were just reading. Using dedicated landing pages and squeeze pages can be extremely powerful, as you know. Fancy is not necessarily better.

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