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What's the New SEO?

If you haven't already heard it a hundred times, SEO is dead. At least, SEO as we knew it is dead. Now it's more about removing links than building them and it's more about doing the right things than the scalable things. It's also more about focusing on making your site popular, rather than tricking a search engine into thinking your site is popular so it will rank it high and make it popular. Rae Hoffman has some good ideas on what you might focus on now, instead of SEO. From here on out... 1. You work on generating traffic. 2. You work on generating branding. 3. You work on obtaining customers. 4. You work on making your product f** epic. Not just epic - F** EPIC. Remember, Google's #1 priority is Google. That means keeping their search customers happy, not the website owners. That's why Google doesn't want to make websites popular. They want to rank popular websites.

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