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How to Get High PR Backlinks and Traffic Ultra Fast

This is a little trick I've seen 3 different marketers perform with impressive results, and as long as you have either a digital or a tangible product, odds are you can do this. It will bring a ton of traffic to your website very quickly, but the traffic won't be hugely targeted. Still, with this many visitors you're likely to make some money. Perhaps more importantly, you'll get some high PR backlinks which can help you with SEO. And lastly, you'll build a list. Here's how it works in a nutshell: You offer free gift cards on the "free stuff" websites. People come to your site and fill out the form to get the gift card. When the promotion ends, you email out the gift cards. Here's what happens: You send your gift card offer to several "free stuff" websites. If all goes well, they post your offer, and within hours hundreds of other "free stuff" websites also post your offer. This sends a deluge of traffic to your website for several days and a smaller stream of traffic for weeks, possibly months. You can expect to get hundreds of backlinks, some with high PR. When a customer fills out the form to get the gift card, you can then send them to an offer page. Conversions will likely be quite low, but with a deluge of traffic you will still likely make some sales. Then once you email out the virtual gift cards, your site will again receive a lot of traffic, and some of these people will buy more than the face value of the gift card. It's impossible to say how much you will make, how much traffic you will get, or how many backlinks you will receive. But it is entirely possible to dominate page 1 of Google if this goes well. This isn't a comprehensive course in this technique, but then again it's not really all that complicated. Here are some tips to get you started: 1. Call your freebie a Gift Card, not a coupon. People love gift cards, they generally don't bother with coupons. Yes, it's the same thing, but think about this: How many coupons have you given to friends and relatives on special occasions? I rest my case. 2. The bigger the gift card, the better. If you're selling an expensive item, you'll want to give a large gift card. Small item, small gift card, but don't go below $10. You can do this with tangible goods or virtual goods. Yes, even ebooks, especially if your niche is one that would appeal to a wide range of people likely to be looking for freebies. But most any product will work. 3. Set up a website to offer the gift card. Don't make them jump through any hoops other than filling out their name, email and address. Make it look like an order form, it gives the gift card a higher perceived value. 4. Have an autoresponder message that tells them when and how to expect their gift card. 5. Set a time limit for the offer so you can do this again and again if you choose. 6. Submit your offer to sites like: Just Google best freebie sites and choose 4 or 5 - the rest will likely find your offer from those sites. If they don't, submit to a few more the next day, but odds are it won't be necessary. When the promotion is over, deliver the virtual gift cards.

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