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How To Find Great Domains Names and Flip Them For Quick Profit

Contrary to what you hear, there are still plenty of great domain names to be found and flipped for quick profit. If there weren't, there wouldn't be so many people doing exactly that. And while the odds of getting rich overnight with one domain name is akin to finding a needle in 50 haystacks, routinely turning $10 domains into 3 and 4 figures is fairly simple, once you know how.

Step 1. Go to Google's keyword tool and sign in to maximize your results. Use “broad match,” and type in a 2 word search term to get the best results. Download the results in a .csv file. You should now have a keyword list of 800 keywords.

Step 2. Create an account. It's $29.95 a month or more, depending on the package you choose. You'll almost certainly make this back and more on your very first sale.

Step 3. Open your keyword list. Find the column that says, “Approximate CPC Value” and sort that column in descending order with the highest value on the top of the list. Click okay. Just so you know, CPC is cost per click. This is what advertisers pay per click for the keywords there in your list.

Step 4. Highlight the first hundred or so of the results, and copy that. Go back to Estibot and click “Domain Name Generator.” Paste your list into the top box. Click the button that says, “Generate Domains.” You'll now have a list of potential domain names.

Step 5. Click the “Check Availability” button. It will show you which domains are taken and which are still available.

Step 6. Now we're going to copy just the .com names that have not been registered. Click on “Instant Text,” and scroll down to the “Available Domains” box. Copy the list.

Step 7. Go to the “Domain Name Filter” tool on Estibot. Paste in your list. In the bottom box make sure it only says .com, and click the “filter domains” button. This will filter out everything except the .com names. Now you have a list of potential money making domain names.

Step 8. Copy the list you just made. Open the domain appraiser tool in Estibot and paste in your list. Click appraise, and Estibot is actually going to give you an appraisal value for each domain name. Along side the appraisal amounts you'll also see the number of searches per month, the click value and other data. Remember, these values are arbitrary and determined mainly by past domain sales. Just because it says a domain is worth $575 or $2,100 doesn't necessarily mean you will get that much. Then again, you might get a lot more.

Step 9. Once you've found a domain name that's available with a high appraisal, you can go ahead and purchase it if you like, or perform the next step first.

Step 10. Back on Estibot, pull up the Domain Lead Generator and End-User Finder Tool. Paste your domain name into the box and click “Generate Leads.” Estibot will create a report for you, listing potential buyers along with stats and details about each one of those potential buyers. It will tell you how to contact them, their websites, the keywords they use that match the domain name you purchased, etc. It may take a couple of minutes to get the report; be patient.

Keep in mind – you now have a list of companies who use the same keywords to market their product as you have in your new domain. Do you think they might be interested in owning that domain? They might be paying $1.00 or more a click for that keyword, and here you have that exact keyword in your domain name. If they're smart, they'll grab your domain because it can mean extra traffic and extra sales for them without having to buy traffic.

If you haven't already, be sure to purchase the domain prior to Step 11.

Step 11. Choose the companies you want to target. These are the companies you believe are the best prospects to buy your new domain name. Click the box that says, “Contact Company” on each of your choices.

Step 12. Once you've chosen your companies to contact, you'll see an email program pop up, populated with an email template that includes facts about this particular domain name. You can change the email to suit your personality or leave it as is. You can also put in the asking price of your choice.

At the bottom of the email template/program, you'll notice an option that says, “don't email addresses I have already contacted today” and a second option that reads, “don't email addresses other users have already contacted today.” You'll want to check both of those boxes, so that your prospect doesn't get hit with multiple domain offers on the same day.

Click send, and an email will be sent to each of the companies you selected.

Remember, you determine what you want to charge. Most businesses are familiar with stories of domains selling for thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you're only asking a couple of hundred dollars or even several hundred dollars for a premium domain, they many be pleasantly surprised and very willing to buy it for your asking price without negotiation.

Not every company you contact will respond, but that's not relevant. You only need one buyer for each domain name. Occasionally you may choose a domain name that gets no interest via email. In that case you can do one of three things: Contact the companies by email again, contact the companies by another means such as calling, or wait a few weeks and then try again.

Domaining is so profitable, you don't even need a 50% success rate to make money. Think about this: If you buy 10 domains for $10 apiece, and you only sold two of the domains that week, and you only sold those 2 domains for $100 apiece, you would have failed 80% of the time and still doubled your money. Plus you have 8 more assets you can sell at a later date.

When you are new to domaining, I suggest selling them for just $100 to $300, to get your feet wet, to get your confidence up, and to get some money in your pocket quickly. As you become more proficient at finding great domains and you hone your negotiating skills, by all means ask for more. Remember, you're buying these domains for about 10 dollars, so even a $100 sale is earning you 10 times your money back, often in less than a week.

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