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You've Been Hacked!

Hackers LOVE to attack Wordpress sites, making your life miserable and potentially losing you revenue and time, not to mention content and piece of mind. And despite all the warnings out there, we still hear of someone almost daily who's been hacked. Hopefully for you it's not too late to take some simple but effective precautions. With that in mind, here are some simple tips to keep your Wordpress sites safe: 1. Stop thinking it can't happen to you. IT CAN. You might have the cutest little site on kittens - who would want to hack that? Guaranteed, for whatever demented reason, someone somewhere does. 2. Treat your username like a password. Never, ever use the default "admin." And don't use something easy like your email address, either. Create a tough username that no one could possibly guess. Best bet? Use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols, just like a password. 3. Use a super strong password. Again, use upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Make it long and totally random. 4. Write your passwords down on paper, or use a password software. 5. Never use the same username or the same password for different sites. This way if one of your sites does get hacked, the others won't fall like dominoes, too. 6. Change your passwords often, especially if you give anyone temporary access into your account or if an employee or outsourcer leaves. 7. Backup often, REALLY often. Use a Wordpress plugin to do this automatically for you. Keep your last 3-4 backups in a separate location. 8. Sure, all of this seems like a pain, but compare it to being hacked and you'll realize it's well worth the extra hassle.

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