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How to Make Products That Are Almost GUARANTEED To Be Best Sellers

Do you remember when Google introduced Tabs? Online marketers went nuts predicting the demise of email marketing. But what really happened? First, despite all the gloom and doom forecasting, email marketing is still the best way to reach your best prospects and customers with offers. Second, some people made a very fast killing by telling others how to deal with the change. Think back to every major change Google has made in how they rank websites. What happened? A few savvy people quickly created and sold solutions. Now think back to every time a social media channel hit the tipping point and started growing like a weed - a handful of savvy marketers where there, telling folks through their paid products how to profit from these new venues. Yes, these niches always become saturated after a point. That's why you want to move fast and be one of the first. And as long as things keep changing - and they always do - there is an opportunity to be the first with the solutions. And when you are first with a solution to a brand new and pressing problem, or you're first with a way to capitalize on a new technology, you will almost certainly sell your product like hotcakes. So how do you get to be first? By keeping your ears and eyes open at all times and learning to spot emerging trends. Whatever your niche is, there should be a few websites that are always up to date on new changes, as well as a forum or two populated by people who stay tuned to the news of your niche. Visit these daily and look for emerging trends. In the case of online marketing, you'd be looking for news of dramatic changes, new tools and technology, a sudden stream of complaints from users of a certain method and so forth. The keyword is change - be on the lookout for change and ways to capitalize on it. Once you find a likely idea for a product, begin your research. Locate everything written about your topic in the past weeks. Become a user of the service or technology to find out what's really going on. Find out what's being said on the forums. Quickly test new methods and see what works. You want to spend exactly as much time as you need in this phase and no more because you want to get your product out there quickly. Take plenty of notes throughout the process. Now make your product. A series of videos can be done in one afternoon. A manual might take you a couple of days. Remember, speed is key. Being first will give you the greatest advantage. If it's allowed, promote your new product in the forums you've been visiting. Write guest blog posts for popular blogs in your niche. Since you are writing about a hot topic people are hopefully already talking about, getting guest posts should be fairly easy, even on some of the larger blogs. And this is a tremendous way to drive traffic and even affiliates to your timely product. The bottom line: Watch for emerging trends and problems, then be one of the first to find real solutions to the problem or methods of capitalizing on the new trend. Do this consistently and you will become known as a true mover, shaker and innovator - as well as problem solver - in your niche.

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