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6 Ways to Get More Marketing Done

You're at home trying to get some serious work done in your business, but after a full day what have you accomplished? Sometimes not much at all. But don't get discouraged - instead, take action and you might get more done in one day than you did in the previous week. Here are six dynamite tips from Jason Brick on how to stop wasting time and be more productive: 1. Tell your neighbors and family that when you're working, you're WORKING. No knocking on the door, no phone calls, no anything but work. Does this seem harsh? Think of it this way - do you go to your neighbor's place of work and ask to borrow his hedge clippers? 2. Can't seem to get started? Maybe it's because you don't know where to start. Frankly, it doesn't matter. Start on anything related to the project just to get yourself moving on it. Once you get started, you might find you need to make a list as the ideas on what needs to be done suddenly start flying at you fast and furious. That's the magic of just getting started - it opens all kinds of windows into the project and shows you what needs to be done. 3. Worried about the outcome? Push through it. It's far better to fail than not to try at all. So what if you create a product that doesn't sell? Use it as a bonus to your next product or to build your list. Are you providing a service and you're worried the client won't like the results? Odds are they will, but even if they have suggestions for improvement, you've got a great learning experience that will make you better for next time. 4. Do you get distracted easily? Disable all the distracting stuff and set a timer. Ready... set... WORK! And don't stop for ANYTHING until the timer goes off. Another trick - when you're about to do something like check Facebook when you're supposed to be working, ask yourself if taking that action will further your goals. If not, refocus on what you should be doing. 5. Got a bad case of the "blahs?" Sometimes you just don't "feel" like working. It's understandable. And it's also no excuse. YOU are the boss of you. So find a way to get yourself in gear. Often taking a brisk walk around the block as you consider your current project is all it takes. Sometimes bribery works - if you complete tasks A and B, tonight you get to watch your favorite show or eat your favorite snack, or buy that book you've wanted on Amazon. 6. You've got garage syndrome - that feeling when you walk into your garage intent on cleaning it, and you're overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. It's okay - take a deep breath and tell yourself you're only going to clean this one shelf or do this one task on your business. Before you know it, 3 hours have gone by and you're almost done with the whole garage - or your latest marketing project.

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