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5 Persuasion Powerhouses

There are 5 ingredients you can and should weave into all of your marketing - 5 things that will greatly increase the influence you have on your readers and viewers. These powerhouses of persuasion come from Blair Warren, and they're pure gold. No matter who you're trying to persuade or in what context, be it in person, in a letter or in a video, these work. 1. Encourage their dreams. Who has greater sway over you - someone who rains on your parade and tells you that you can't do something, or someone who encourages you every step of the way? Enough said. "You know that thing you've always wanted to do, but everyone said you could never do it and you should just forget about it? Well I'm here to tell you that you've been right all along, you CAN do it and you wouldn't have that dream if you couldn't." 2. Justify their failures. Most everyone suspects that the reason they haven't succeeded yet is because of outside forces. Disagreeing with this point of view won't help you, but justifying their failures will put them immediately on your side and willing to listen attentively to anything else you have to say. "It's not your fault that you've packed on those extra pounds - food companies are adding so many sugars, fats and chemicals to our products these days, it's a wonder we're not all the size of minivans." 3. Allay their fears. They want to believe you, but they're certain there's a major catch. Address this head on and let them know they have nothing to worry about with your product. "Vigorous exercise hurts and depriving yourself of food makes you miserable - that's why our program works without ever asking you to do either one." 4. Confirm their suspicions. Everybody's got suspicions of one sort or another, including your prospects. Telling them they're crazy won't help your case. But telling them they have every reason to think the way they do will instantly create a bond between you and your prospect. "And if you've ever suspected that food companies conspire to make certain foods as addictive as cigarettes, you're right." 5. Help them throw rocks at their enemies. Nothing makes two strangers friends faster than sharing a common enemy. Just think if you meet two strangers in a bar, one wearing your team's jersey and one wearing your arch rival's jersey - which one are you immediately going to like better than the other? "These crooks are trying to steal your retirement, but together you and I can fight back." Take a look at any effective advertisement and you will find most, if not all of the above elements. Even if the only change you make to your copy is to incorporate these 5 elements of persuasion, you should see a significant jump in conversions.

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