Success Secret 21: Let Yourself Be Challenged

Success Secret 21: Let Yourself Be Challenged

You can’t grow if you’re not being challenged. Just as you have to learn, read, and absorb new information on a frequent basis, you also have to challenge yourself to do new things. This means taking risks, doing things that are out of your comfort zone, and trying things no one has ever tried before.

I mentioned earlier that one of the biggest things that set very successful people apart from those who are less successful is that they are creative and innovative. They do things that set them apart in life and business. That’s not always easy— even if they make it look like it is. Are you ready to take risks and challenge yourself if it means being richly rewarded in the future?

If you’re not pushing yourself to do new things, you’ll stay stagnant. If you’re not as successful as you’d like to be right now, it means you need to grow. You can’t grow in business if you’re not challenging yourself.

How do you challenge yourself? You can try new things, attempt something that is very risky but can pay off with major rewards, you can invent things and make them better, you can try a new skill, you can do whatever it is you’re drawn to do… as long as it terrifies you.

Not everything you challenge yourself with will pay off, and that’s okay. Remember how much there is to be learned when you make mistakes. But some things will pay off in major ways, making you a greater success, seemingly overnight.

There’s a major rush that comes from trying something new. You’ll feel alive in a way you’ve never felt before. It can give you a total, instant mindset shift that will help you become much more successful. This rush and feeling of accomplishment is all you need as proof that your opportunities for success are limitless.

How to Challenge Yourself

There might be something that springs to mind right away when it comes to challenging yourself. Is there a new strategy you’ve been itching to try? Now is the time. Make a plan and follow through with it.

If you’re stuck for ideas, study the processes of those you idolize. Maybe you’ve come across a great marketing method that you thought was pure genius but you never thought that you could do it. It’s easy to be in awe of the amazing things other people accomplish. It’s hard to put yourself in the driver’s seat to realize that there are amazing things you can accomplish too.

The people who are more successful than you are not better or smarter. The only thing that sets them apart is that they’ve taken a different series of actions than you have. Their internal mindset is different and they know they are destined to earn even more over the course of their life. There’s nothing they have that you can’t do as well. You have to remove the barriers you’ve set up for yourself.

So, brainstorm something you can do that might be a little risky but that can pay off big time. Is your heart beating a little bit faster? Do you feel the rush of adrenaline? That means you’re on the right path. Be smart about how you challenge yourself but make sure you follow through and make it happen.

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