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Entrepreneurs Won’t Get Validated by Anyone but Themselves

Entrepreneurs Won’t Get Validated by Anyone but Themselves

Validation is important to your self-esteem and can help lift you to new heights. Without it, self-doubt sets in and you begin to lose belief in your ability to meet your goals. A child hopefully receives validation from his or her parents.

Positive reinforcement nudges the child to reach higher and try new things. Online entrepreneurs, however, usually have to validate themselves to feel good about themselves and what they’ve already accomplished.

The reason could be that not many people know how Internet marketing works and how much an entrepreneur has to plan and prepare to get the results he or she wants. There are ways to get what you need when it comes to validating your efforts.

Sometimes praise and gratitude come to you unexpectedly, but there are ways you can celebrate yourself and what you’ve accomplished. A gratitude journal can help you recognize all of the positive things that happened in your day or week.

Make notes of decisions or accomplishments you’re proud of or those goals you’ve reached with your time and efforts. Even the simplest achievements can be a triumph you can celebrate.

Avoid judging yourself harshly. Those are negative thoughts you don’t need and can affect your emotions and decision-making. Find the positive in what you’re accomplishing and don’t let anyone else have a part in judging you too harshly.

Ask yourself what you need right this moment to help you feel healthier, more motivated or energetic to reach and surpass the goals you’ve set for yourself. Try to provide what you need rather than rejecting or depriving yourself.

If you feel down and depressed, your body may need exercise or the proper fuel for you to feel more energetic. When you ignore those feelings, it’s easy to become mired in negative thoughts and forget all of the good things that you’ve accomplished.

Validating yourself reinforces self-confidence and boosts the knowledge that you can do or be anything you set your mind to. Remember that validating yourself isn’t a form of self-absorption.

It’s a way to renew your spirit of entrepreneurship and carry on to reach the success you long for. You’ll gain strength and be better able to calm the negative and debilitating thoughts when you find ways to reassure yourself that you’re worthy of the success you seek and extremely able to find the path to reach it.


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