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Exploring Creativity in Your Work

What you want to do in your working life may be very different from what you want to do in your free time at home. It’s a shame, but a great number of people really dislike what they do for a living. They can hardly get through the day, much less find ways to innovate and create. Many dislike the day-to-day, mundane tasks that come with their line of work. It’s only very rarely that they find joy in the work they are doing.

It really shouldn’t be like that. If it is, you may feel your hopes of being creative in your work are all but dashed. That’s why it’s time for you to gain a new perspective. Why is it that you’ve come to feel this way about what you do? Is it the work itself or the way you approach the work? If what you’re doing is not truly in line with who you are, it may be time to consider a career change. This isn’t the dress rehearsal—you need to be happy with what you’re doing.

Structure Your Tasks around Innovation

No matter what you do, structure every part of your business around creativity and innovation. This is true even if you’re not the decision-maker in your work. There are always new and different ways to approach problems, find solutions, and generate new ideas. That should be your focus. Do this and your work will become more enjoyable.

Give People Space to Be Creative

If you manage other people in your office, make sure you give them space to be creative. In fact, you might want to teach them some of the things you’ve learned in this book so they can be more creative and effective for you.

It does you no good if you have miserable workers who stick to their prescribed tasks with little room for improvement or innovation. Give them breaks, let them have fun, and let them take ownership of what they are doing. You’ll get better, more creative, more focused work as a result.

Make sure your workers do not fear being judged. No idea is a bad one. Provide an open experience for people to bounce ideas around, growing each other’s ideas in a way that will blow you away.

Give Yourself Space to Be Creative

If you’re working for yourself, make sure you give yourself frequent breaks. Take the time to explore your environment. Take the time to find and talk to other people. Present new ideas to your partner or mastermind group. Get those you work with or for on board with more creative solutions—present them in a way that shows how much the innovation benefits everyone.

Change Your Work Environment

It can be really helpful to study work environments you admire. Google’s work environment is a top example of what we should be doing. They give their employees 20% of their paid time to explore their own projects and ideas. They have a gym, an awesome cafeteria filled with delicious food, plenty of space to “play,” and access to anything they need to be creative. This setup does extremely well for them.

No matter which business structure you choose to study, consider the takeaways for your own business. What can you do differently to better emulate what they’re doing? What seems to work for them, and what will work for you? Which ideas will you take and which ideas will you leave?

Whether you work for yourself or not, you might feel a lot of pressure to innovate. You might feel like you have to be constantly on, creating and coming up with amazing ideas. Don’t let yourself feel this pressure, because it will have the opposite desired effect. Remember—creative power comes in a cycle.

You can’t sit at your desk, staring at a spreadsheet, and demand of yourself that you be more creative–it just doesn’t work. Let it happen organically as you make the changes I’ve talked about so far. Feeling stressed about it only adds to your lack of creativity. Allow yourself time to play and to enjoy life and you’ll be more creative as a result.

Let Your Clients and Customers Guide You

Another way to become more creative in your work is to survey your customers and clients to see what they need. They can give you amazing ideas you never would have thought of on your own. You can then generate creative methods of serving them even better.

Make sure you never stop interacting with your customers, clients, and the people who work with you and for you. No matter how much of a big shot you become in your industry, you need to be friendly, open, and pay attention to everyone else around you. Otherwise, you’re going to lose touch with what really matters, and your creative days will be over. Being present in the moment, and paying attention to other people, will help you be wonderfully creative.


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