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Pay Attention to Things That Capture You in the World

Think of the last time you were walking along down the street and saw something that caught your eye–something that made you want to stop and give it more than a passing glance. You may not even be sure of why the item, object, or idea grabbed you–but it did. Start taking notes on these things. Take pictures of them with your Smartphone.

Think of the last time an advertisement made you cry or tear up. Consider the last joke someone told you that you couldn’t stop laughing about. Think of that TV show you can’t stop thinking about, or the book you finished but still can’t leave behind. Why do these things stand out to you more than other things?

Start a journal about these things. Write them down when they happen. You may start to notice a pattern in what grabs you. When you know what grabs your attention, you can start to use those experiences and ways of looking at the world in your process of creativity.

Creative people always find new things to pay attention to. They can go anywhere and find inspiration. Unfortunately, many of the rest of us let the most beautiful things pass us by because we’re too busy to notice. Start to become more mindful and observant about the world around you, and it will serve you well.

You can’t be creative when you have blinders on. You have to let the beauty and wonder of the world grab you.


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