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The Importance of Giving Back to Others

As a busy businessperson, the chances are good that you have little time to do anything else. It’s likely you talk to the same people all the time, rarely stepping out of your comfort zone. But, you’re missing vital clues and experiences you would have by being around other people.

People are one of the missing links to the creative mind. If we’re never around other people who have different experiences than we have, we’ll never get the input we need to form new connections. Remember–it’s all about feeding your brain like it’s a computer. Give it all the information it needs to create a new program.

One of the very best ways to actively get this input is to give back to others. There are certainly others who are less fortunate than you or who you can help. You can do something like volunteering in a soup kitchen or it can be something like taking a new businessperson under your wing and helping them get their start.

Whatever you do, always seek to connect with others and give back what you’ve been fortunate enough to have. This may be difficult for some people because not everyone is a people person—you might find working with others exhausting, especially if you’re an introvert

That’s all okay–you can give back to others online and off. This is something you should do for yourself and for them even if it’s uncomfortable. This human connection will make you happier and more creative.

A big part of this is because it helps you see things from a different perspective. It’s so easy to get caught up in your own worldview and limited set of experiences. Talking to others, and helping them from their perception of the world, helps you have your own. It gives you a shift in mindset that helps you form new connections, helping you become infinitely more creative.

I want to make sure you realize that I’m not telling you to help other people just to help yourself. You can’t enter into this selfishly. Give back to others because you want to help them. It may be uncomfortable at first, but it’s an amazing thing that furthers the all-important human connection.

I’m also a big believer that you get back the good you put out into the world. Call it karma if you want, but the world rewards you when you do good things for other people. The trick is that you have to truly mean it–you have to really want to help other people in an altruistic way.

Find an opportunity to do just that today. Find someone you can help, in whatever way they need. Pay forward some of your success and good fortune, and the world will be a better place.


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