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Yes, Everyone Can Be Creative

Yes, everyone can be creative. We can’t all be Steve Jobs or Sergey Brin, and we wouldn’t want to be. We want to be ourselves; the version of ourselves that generates amazing, new, innovative ideas for business, life, and beyond.

Creativity is all about making new connections and thinking of old concepts in new ways. There isn’t anything more creative about the people you deem to be inherently creative. They just have sharper creativity muscles and more experience in flexing them. As children and through life, they were naturally resistant to those who tried to get them to stick to the status quo. It’s okay that the rest of us have to catch up.

You can do the same. In fact, I know you are ready to become more creative by nature of you reading this book. You already know it’s possible for you to become more creative; you know it deep down. That’s why you’re exploring the issue.

You also know that creativity is a hot commodity. Only businesses that are creative and seek to innovate stay ahead in this world of constant competition, low barriers to entry, and viral media.

Don’t get stuck in the “us versus them” mentality. There’s a lot to be learned from those you think are more creative than yourself. There is nothing to be jealous of, because you have your own ideas to generate. You also have the ability to sharpen the tools of creativity so you can achieve your goals, and beyond.

You have to surround yourself with skills, habits, and people who allow you to tap into your inherent creativity. Be around people who are young and old. Be around people who are in your industry and who do something totally different than you. Be around people of different political and religious views. Pay attention to your children and grandchildren and how they view the world. Consider how you might adopt some of that.

It’s easy to just go with the flow and stick with the status quo–but you just can’t do that anymore. You don’t even want to do that anymore. You want to generate ideas to increase your clout, move your passions forward, and increase your income. You feel stuck right now and you aren’t sure if you can move forward, but know this…

You can!

It’s time to move outside of your comfort zone. Do things you’ve never done before. Think about the functions of objects and concepts, and the boundaries of ideas, in new and different ways.

Have the confidence in your ideas to follow through with them. Know that the world’s most successful inventors, great thinkers, and innovators were often met with skepticism and people trying to knock them down.

We have this view of these great thinkers as being lone wolves–doing their own thing and generating these great ideas on their own. That’s typically not the case. The importance of community, new ideas, and different ways of doing things cannot be ignored.


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