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Why Everyone Can Be Creative

It’s so important for me that I convey to you that you absolutely can become a creative thinker. It’s easy to become jealous of people you deem to be more creative than yourself. But that thought process is very damaging. You start to think that your great ideas aren’t so great, even when they are. You don’t open your mind to making new connections, letting wonderful innovations slip by you, unnoticed.

Creativity is not just for a select few—it’s something inherent in all of us. But, it’s a skill most of us lose, especially those of us who buy into the fact that those who are data and information oriented can’t also be creative.

Going to school and being in business shakes the creativity out of us. We are taught that our good ideas and different ways of doing things aren’t so good after all. We are told to submit to the status quo.

Only, now there’s been such a shift in the value people put on creativity that we are caught in limbo. If you work for yourself, you’re desperate to become creative, but this skill has been dashed for so long that you aren’t sure there’s any hope. If you work for someone else, you may not be allowed to be creative in the way you would like.

No matter what the case is with you, there’s a way to bust out of this mindset and pattern. Because that’s what it is– a pattern.

It’s time to tap into the creativity of children and of the most innovative thinkers, both past and present. We need to open our senses and view the world as if for the very first time.

There are plenty of points of inspiration you pass every single day at work and at home. There are new ways to look at the same problem. There are things you sense, smell, touch, taste, and hear that can become fodder for new ideas…but you don’t even notice them.

Creativity Might Not Pay Off Right Away

While you know the value creativity has today, it can be easy to ignore how important it is. Great new ideas might not pay off today, so you have to have a long-term vision.

Should you even try to be more creative and break out of the status quo? Maybe you have a boss and you’re given a set group of tasks to complete and you rarely deviate off course. Or maybe you’re in business for yourself and things are going well enough that you don’t want to rock the boat.

But, you can’t succeed long-term that way. Only those who dare to stand out and form new connections succeed in this life. Starting to become more creative today will pay off in the form of massive benefits in the near future.


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