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Want To Succeed Online? Consistently Over Deliver to Your Customers

In one word: do it better. And over delivery does not mean just more. It means better. It means giving people more than they expect.

On several of my download pages, in addition to the product they bought from me, there are as many as five additional free gifts. They are not advertised, I have not used them to sell my list…they are just there as something extra. That means a lot to people. I don’t have to do it, but I do.

On my most popular opt in list, I tell people that I will give them a free gift for opting in. I give them 2 or 3 on the first email alone, and then about 7 or 8 in the next 3 weeks. They asked for one free gift, and they get around 10 free gifts. And that is without taking any additional action – they don’t have to buy anything to get that!

That is over delivery.

Another thing about over delivery is that no matter how free something is, if it is worth nothing, it is not really free. Think about this…nothing you have is really free. You are getting their email and name in the exchange. And there is a very specific value to every name and email you collect. You should know what that number is, by the way.

They are paying for their free gift with their name and email address. So if you send them junk – you have cheated them, you have stolen from them.

The point is driven home for me when someone sends me a JV request to promote some $10 or $7 ebook. They send me an evaluation copy so I can decide if I want to promote it for them. Almost everyone I have to turn down. Why do I say “Have to turn down”? Because there is less information in the $10 or $7 ebook than I have in my free ebooks! I wouldn’t give away a lot of the stuff people want to sell!

THAT, my friend, has to be your standard of quality. You must over deliver, your free stuff must be worth money, the things you sell must be worth more than you get for them, and you should even add value to that by using additional bonuses.

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