Happiness Leads to Success

How to Defeat Your Internal Saboteurs

Shirzad Chamine, executive coach trainer explains that everyone has several different internet saboteurs, some stronger than others. These saboteurs are:

  • The Judge, focusing on negative in self, others and circumstances

  • The Controller, needing to control and dominate situations and people

  • The Stickler, taking order and perfection to an extreme

  • The Restless, constant need for activity

  • The Avoider, avoiding unpleasant or difficult tasks, also known as the procrastinator

  • The Pleaser, always helping or pleasing others, wanting to be liked

  • The Victim, focusing on painful and negative emotions

  • The Hyper-Rational, throws emotion out the window, believes logic trumps all

  • The Hyper-Vigilant, focusing on what could go wrong, anxious and worried

  • Hyper-Achiever, focuses almost exclusively on achievement, ignores everything else

Noticing and defeating these saboteurs is how you become happier. And when you're happy, your mind is more capable, creative and resourceful, thus leading you to success.

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