Traveling The World Via Customers' Couches

David Menasche loved his work as a high school English teacher. He loved his subject and was even more passionate about helping his students.

Then he was diagnosed with brain cancer, which ultimately affected David's vision, memory, mobility – and his ability to continue teaching.

This is where most people would give up and go home to live out their remaining days, but not David. He decided he wanted to visit as many of his students as possible to see first-hand how they were fairing in life.

And so he made a post on Facebook, asking if any of his students had a couch he could sleep on.

Within 48 hours of posting, former students in more than fifty cities replied with offers of support and shelter.

Traveling more than 8,000 miles from Miami to New York to San Francisco, David visited hundreds of his former students and wrote a book about his experience, called “The Priority List.”

Now then, here's my crazy (or perhaps not so crazy) idea: If you have a loyal following in your niche, what if you followed David's example? What if you decided you wanted to see your country, or perhaps another country, and you ask your followers if they have a couch you can borrow for a night?

Imagine meeting many of your best customers face to face for the first time. Imagine the relationships you could foster and the places you could see! A blogger might travel the world this way and write about their adventures.

In fact, I know there are already several bloggers doing this exact thing. Their expenses are low because they stay with their readers, and they write a post or two about each stop along the way.

If you have the travel bug, this might be something you should explore further. If your blog is profitable, you can get paid for traveling the world and making memories that will last a life time.

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