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Four Chemicals Your Customers Can't Refuse

There are certain bodily chemicals that, when activated by your offer, make it almost impossible for your prospect to refuse.

For example, endorphins are those chemicals released by exercise and they feel pretty darn good. In fact, there's even a term for it – Runner's High. If you can create heart pounding excitement in a video that showcases your product, then you can release endorphins in your viewers.

Then there's dopamine: Show your prospects how your product helps them reach their goal in a specific and tangible way, and dopamine is released.

Showcase your customers on your blog and they'll get a terrific shot of serotonin – the same chemical released when they were handed their diploma in front of their family and friends. In fact, a headphone company used serotonin to build a $500 million dollar brand selling a mediocre product.

And then there's oxytocin, that chemical you enjoy when sitting next to your best friends. Find a way to personalize your relationships with your customers and they'll feel a real connection with you.

Is it cheating to induce chemical reactions in your prospects and customers? Not if you have a great product that will truly help them.

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