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3 Steps To Overcoming Any Fear

One of the biggest obstacles I see people face is fear. Whether it's fear of starting a new business, making new contacts, creating new products or whatever, fear will hold you back from realizing your dreams. And if you allow fear to hold you back, you will have a life full of deep regrets and little else.

Here are the 3 steps to conquering any fear that I personally use:

1. Write down the worst possible outcome that you're worrying about. There's something cathartic about writing down what's keeping you awake at night. Plus writing it down makes it concrete and puts it into perspective. If it's an abstract thought, it can grow so big it takes over your life. But if it's just a sentence on paper, you easily see that you can deal with it.

2. Decide you can deal with the worst possible outcome. Maybe your fear is that if you fail, you lose everything financially. How would you deal with that? Probably by starting over and beginning fresh. Can you deal with that? You decide.

3. Work your tail off to make sure the worst possible outcome does not happen. Decide what you need to do and then just do it. Nothing dispels fear faster than taking action in the face of fear.

One last thing: Worry and fear are really negative goal setting in disguise. It's thinking about and imagining the exact opposite of what you want, and it's a way of making the worst come true. You need to focus on what you DO want, not what is worrying you.

And the more you change your focus from what you don't want to what you do want, the less fear you'll have.

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