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11 Relationship Related Niche Ideas

Every now and then someone will ask me "What's a good niche?" To which I usually reply, "Well, what are you interested in?" Because the ideal niche is both a money maker AND something that you enjoy reading and writing about.

That's when the person will say they don't care WHAT niche it is, so long as there's good money to be made.

So with that in mind, I let my little grey cells bake on it for awhile, and I came up with the following 11 ideas for relationship related niches in no particular order. These are all evergreen, in that they will be popular not only today but very likely 20 years from now as well. You'll want to do some research to get the niches "niched" down even more, but this should very quickly get some good ideas flowing if you're looking to expand your business.

Niche #1 - Dating

This is a HUGE niche and you'll want to dig down deeper into it. Dating for newly divorced people, dating over 50, dating for broken hearts, dating with (or without) the internet, etc.

Niche #2 – Sex

How to last longer in bed, how to drive her wild, how to get all the dates you want, etc. This market will ALWAYS be huge.

Niche #3 - Is My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Cheating

This is a big one and a hot button niche, in that if you've got the answers for them, they've got a credit card for you.

Niche #4 - How To Get Him To Commit

Gals sometimes want to speed things along in relationships and that's where you can come in.

Niche #5 – Weddings

Anything and everything to do with weddings. All the way from "how much will a wedding cost" to the party favors to dresses to music and locations, great wedding ideas and planners, how to make a toast, honeymoons, etc. Try these niched down topics: "How to afford a wedding" "How to lose weight for a wedding" and "How to know I'm marrying the right person."

Niche #6 - Marriage

How to make it work, how to fix it when it goes bad, how to keep the romance alive, how to keep from killing each other – you get the idea.

Niche #7 – Finances

This is always a hot topic and the key is to niche it down. For example, focusing on finances for newly married couples or about-to-marry couples will make it very easy to find and speak to your target market. Another niche is couples who fight over money and how to help them.

Niche #8 – Buying a Home

At first glance this isn't a relationship niche, but since it's often couples who purchase homes we're including it. You might focus on first time home buyers who need advice on how to go about the entire home buying process without getting ripped off – preferably with their marriage still intact. Don't forget first time home building, too. This one is even trickier for people to navigate and they need your help.

Niche #9 – New parents

By the time people have their second child, they have a good idea of what they're doing. But new parents are excited, scared and looking for all the help they can get. That's why I think this is a great niche. People who are expecting their first child are in a buying and educational frenzy, wanting all the latest gadgets and techniques that will make them superstar parents of the next little genius, quarterback or pop star. And don't forget the after-effects of pregnancy, like losing the weight and how to rekindle the romance when neither one of you has slept in a week.

Niche #10 – Divorce

Sad but true, as long as there are weddings there will be divorces. So what's important to people during a divorce? Child custody, legal issues, getting a settlement, starting over, learning to date again, maybe losing weight, redesigning their life, etc.

Niche #11 - Get Your Ex Back

How to get your ex girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband back. This is a hot button niche. If someone is desperate to get their ex back and you've got the solution, you've also got an easy sale.

No doubt there are even more to consider, but these relationship niches should give you a good start.

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