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Creating A Comprehensive Content Marketing Plan

It's hard to believe that not too long ago, the information presented on the Internet consisted of nothing but plain text.  Eventually HTML came about as a way to format text, and then graphics were added, but even those innovations were nothing compared to what you can find on the web today.

The Internet as we know it is still evolving, but it is full of pictures, sounds, and motion.  Even the most inexperienced novice can design a web page using current technology and make it full of animation, funny videos, and his favorite songs. New technology is being developed continuously, and webmasters are often quick to adopt it.

Creating an Authority Site: Your Guide to Online Success

Authority sites are websites that are devoted to one specific niche in which there is a very high quality website. The content that is on the site is very well respected by movers and shakers in the industry. An authority site has relevant and useful content that is updated on a regular basis. If you've ever landed on an authority site, you probably were thankful you did because you found the information about the topic that you wanted, and you trusted that it was accurate information.

Authority sites not only publish information that visitors can trust, they curate other trustworthy information for their audience. If you want to create an authority site, you will need to create a lot of accurate, trustworthy, detailed and valuable information and offer it free to your reader. You'll create a variety of different forms of content to inform, instruct, inspire and to encourage interaction. Essentially, you'll be giving away your knowledge, freely. This will encourage the readers to trust you and value any information that you give them.

Your Easy Start Guide To Creating And Marketing Your First Information Product

When most people start a business, they think in terms of merchandise or services. But, did you know that you can earn money by selling information as a product? You may have heard of that before, and you've likely bought information products about how to do something you wanted to know. You know how valuable information can be. If you have knowledge about something that other people want to know, you can create an information product.

But, you say: "I'm not an expert on anything." Well, the truth is, even if you aren't an expert in the topic your audience wants to know, you can still create an information product by outsourcing the creation. So, don't let lack of knowledge stop you. If you have an idea and know what audience you want to market to, you are ahead of the game. You can create an information product.

Easy Steps to Connecting with Influencers To Grow Your Business

We all have people we turn to when we need advice or guidance. It's a vital part of finding answers. It may be a parent, a boss or a friend. But sometimes they don't have the answers we are seeking. That's when we look elsewhere, often using social media. Whether we are an individual or a business, we all listen to the opinions of others about products and services.

The growth of online social influence is affecting the growth of many businesses. Word of mouth marketing or social influence marketing is changing fast with social media. In fact, 74% of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions, while 81% are influenced by their friends' posts when making a buying decision.

How to Make Niche Markets Work For You

The world of business has changed and evolved over the years as technology has created new ways for advertisements to reach customers.  The end result is hopefully increased profits for the business owner, since the main goal of business hasn't changed.

Marketing strategies have grown more sophisticated as well.  Every business is in search of the right customer for their product.  Large companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year developing new products and conducting market research.  

Small businesses also need to know where to market their products or services.  With considerably less money than a big corporation, successful marketing strategies can mean the difference between staying afloat and taking a nose dive.

Media Exposure: Your On-the-Spot Credibility Boost

Media exposure. Just the thought of putting your business out there in the media scares some businesses owners away. Many businesses are unsure if there is any value in it. Is it worth the time and all the effort they have to put into getting media exposure?

According to Shannon Cherry, marketing and PR specialist at, "Any business that has received that coveted media exposure will tell you it was well worth the efforts." Your credibility is everything in the world of business. It's the factor people use when determining if they can count on you, if they want to do business with you and what they can expect from your business. Media exposure can help build your credibility.

Your Guide to Profitable Niche Market Research

If you want to earn money from home in profitable niches, it takes a little knowledge and a lot of research. But if you do the research up front, you'll save yourself time and money on the back end because you won't waste your time on unprofitable niches. Instead you'll place all your focus on niches that can and will earn money if you do what needs to be done.

Your first step to conducting niche market research is to identify your audience. To some people this might sounds backward, but the truth is, if you find your market first you'll be a lot happier with the results. If you're finding and creating products for people you like and respect and understand, you'll enjoy your job a lot more than if you choose a product first, then try to find the audience. You might not even like that audience and you'll dread your job. So first identify your target audience.

Profit with Content

You may have heard the phrase "Content is King". Content can bring traffic and establish your expertise… but without a plan, content may not do much for your bottom line. You've got to have a plan and specific goals you want to achieve with your content. This guide is going to give you exactly that, but before we begin there are a few things to cover.

Content marketing is an amazingly powerful strategy and has numerous benefits. Here are just a few:

  • It's inexpensive

  • It can help create fierce loyalty from your audience.

  • It helps generate free word of mouth.

  • It helps establish your authority and expertise

  • It's great search engine fodder

  • It can bring publicity from traditional media to you

Instant Authority Boost: Write a Book…Even if You Hate Writing

If you're a coach, an Internet Marketer, a Mommy Blogger, a Food Blogger, a Health & Fitness Blogger, or involved in any other niche online or offline, writing a book can instantly boost your authority. One of the ways to get more traffic to your blog, more interaction from your audience, and more respect in general is to do things to help establish your authority within your niche. Nothing quite does it better than writing and publishing a book.

From writing a book you can branch out and use the book as the basis for:


  • Establishing Credibility in Your Niche

  • Becoming a Highly Paid & Sought After Public Speaker

  • Earning Expert Guest Status on Radio, TV, and Blogs

  • Being Paid Lucratively as a Consultant

Stand Out and Deliver: Your Captive Audience is Waiting

In business, especially a new business start-up, you don't have the money or time to waste on developing an expensive marketing promotion. However, you need to capture your prospects' attention immediately. You need a unique selling proposition (USP); one that captivates your audience.

A friend I know is struggling to find their unique selling position. They are in the process of getting their business set up and running quickly but haven't been able to find that one feature that makes their business different from similar businesses. They needs to determine their unique place in the market but isn't sure how to go about doing that.

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