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30 Types of Content You Can Publish Online

When you think of creating online content, what flashes immediately into mind?  Most likely, "blog posts".  But did you know there are at least 30 types of content you can publish online? Here they are.

1.  Blog Posts
We had to say it.  But take note that short blog posts are going out of fashion again.  Google has let it be known it will penalize blog posts that are so short, Google feels they are nothing more than excuses for ads and affiliate links.  Their emphasis on "quality, original content" has all the top bloggers writing posts over 500 words long and very often, twice that number of words.

2.  Infographics
Still at the height of popularity, the latest trend is to impart information in visual format people can absorb with a single glance.

30 Ways to Get Other People to Create Content For You

Getting other people to create your online content is one of the most painless ways to save time and ensure your blog, website and article directories are packed with top-quality, original content. Let's take a look at 30 different ways to make this happen.

1.  Pay Copywriters or Ghostwriters
A ghostwriter usually writes articles, blog posts, eBooks, white papers and reports, and a copywriter often specializes in sales and landing pages, as well as email series - though there is often no difference between the two. A good ghost/copywriter will increase your site SEO value with professional, original writing - in your "voice".

30 Ways to Come Up with New Topic Ideas

Almost everyone who writes experiences writer's block.  How do you come up with more topics when you feel you've said everything there is to say on the subject already? Here are 30 ways anyone can adopt for coming up with new topic ideas…

1.  Explore New "Places"
Life changes all the time - and so does everything else.  If you feel like there's nothing more to know about your niche or topic, break your own research habits.  Go offline and try looking for information in a new "place".  

2.  Monitor Magazine Trends
Look at the titles on the front pages of magazines in your niche.  That's what is currently trending.  Write them down...

Simple Tips and Strategies To Create Compelling Web Copy

Remember when the term "Web 2.0" was all the rage?  Everyone had his or her own perception of what it was.  Some people believed that it was a technology.  Some people believed it was a made up phrase - a buzzword so to speak used only for falsely enhancing a company's image.  Others believed it was specific software, and still others believed that it was a 'theory' of operating on the web.

In reality, Web 2.0 was a set of principles and practices that tie together a veritable solar system of a site such as Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, YouTube and other websites that offer users a rich experience.  Those same principles are still being used today.

Creating High Converting Landing Pages

The Goal of a Landing Page
You spend valuable time and energy on marketing your products or services. You probably use tactics like email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. Each tactic is designed to drive traffic to your website where they will then become followers, prospects, and hopefully customers.

However, if you're sending all of your website visitors to the same page then you may be missing out. And if that same page is a home page or even a blog post then that too can be a cause for lost revenue. Enter the landing page...


Effective Relationship Marketing with Email

Email marketing is an essential component in marketing today. It can be argued that email marketing is the most crucial channel for marketing online if you want to experience real and lasting success. They don't say things like "The money is in the list" for nothing.

It's absolutely true. But, to be a truly effective form of marketing, it's important to use email as another (even more effective) relationship marketing channel. It's no longer enough to just send generic information out to random subscribers. Smart marketers build targeted lists, full of active subscribers who want to receive a specific message.

Today, you need to communicate with your list in an intimate and personal way if you want to reach your online marketing goals.

Essential Guide To Online Copywriting

What is Online Copywriting?
There are many different types of writing and writing specialties. There are people who write poems, text books, and advertisements. There are people who write newspaper articles, horror stories, and legal documents. One type of writing specialty or writing skill is copywriting.

Copywriting is essentially any content that promotes a product, service, or organization. An advertisement is copywriting and so too is a landing page. Copywriting can be an email that you send to a list of subscribers or the opt-in that they download. Most often, we think about copywriting as being specific to a sales page.

Publish and Market Your Own iPad Magazine

Small and large business owners need to find creative ways to spread the word about their businesses to their audiences. One way is to publish online magazines that are really just websites in "magazine style". To really make your mark on the publishing world and to get your name out there in a new way is to make your magazine portable so that your audience can download and read them on their iPad. In this way you can have a beautiful magazine that you can offer free or charge a subscription fee to make extra money.

What's great is that an iPad Magazine will look as beautiful as any magazine you've ever seen, due to the way you create them, and they'll be interactive - which makes them better than newsstand magazines. It's not as hard as it might seem, either. You simply need excellent audience-focused content and beautiful graphics and a little know-how.

What Makes A Successful and Effective Ebook

Writing and publishing an ebook can give your business the boost you're looking for. In fact an ebook can help you accomplish several important business building goals in one swoop. If you're not sure what an ebook is, it's simply a downloadable version of a book that you read on a computer, an ebook reader like Kindle or other mobile device. Here are a few benefits of creating a successful ebook…

Publication is one of the main avenues you can take to improve or establish your credibility. It doesn't matter what industry or business you're in, when you write a book people tend to automatically assume you're an expert.

Creating Great Hooks for Your Press Releases

What Is A Press Release?
You've undoubtedly heard about press releases. Maybe you've even written or issued a few of them in your career. The Press Release was created to control information given to the media. The first release was issued in 1906 when a train crashed and the railroad wanted to make sure that the public received accurate information about the incident.

The original press releases were formal in both tone and style. They're written in the third person and presented the facts of the story. Today, much about a press release has changed, however, some of that formal style and structure still remains.

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