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Visualization Techniques to Help You Embrace the LOA

Visualization Techniques to Help You Embrace the LOA

Visualization is what Dr. Maxwell Maltz, author of PsychoCybernetics, called "theatre of the mind." The more vividly you see yourself in the new career, bigger home, more energetic body or a happy relationship, the more you support the belief that this is meant to be yours - and it's on the way to you. 


Another use of visualization is as a mental rehearsal to determine if it's really what you want before you ask for it.  Get moving from where you are to where you want to be. Einstein's theory showed that everything is energy and energy is in constant motion.


You'll have a hard time changing the flow of energy into your life when you’re sitting still. If you want to move forward in your life, keep moving toward your goal every day. A stubborn person always insists that you “show me.” 


That’s like most adults who have difficulty believing something until they see it for themselves. There’s another phrase you hear frequently when you talk about making changes or going for a better job - “I’ll believe it when I see it.” 


The fact is, we are socially programmed that what we see is reality. After a while, we start to think that what we see is the only reality – the only possibility - and that’s not accurate!  If you desperately need a new car and look out in your driveway, what do you see?


You see the old rust-bucket sedan that your grandmother gave to you after she drove it for 30 years. You aren’t being greedy in wanting a new car - you can no longer afford the repair bills on the old one!


You need a decent looking car so you can apply for a sales position and have dependable transportation to go to client appointments. As you prepare to receive your new car by applying the Law of Attraction, you are ready to visualize this gift.


This is not daydreaming, that’s a random musing. Visualization is a targeted and detailed way to prepare you to receive what you need. Begin each day by seeing in your mind a “movie” of how you start the day.


See yourself walking outside, pause and smile at the image of your new car. Here’s where you must insert an actual new car image. To make the visualization effective, see yourself opening the door of a four door, midnight blue SUV with leather seats, chrome wheels, cruise control, CD player and tinted windows.


In order to make this image clear, look online or in the showroom at new cars until you spot the exact car that you want. After you make a choice, get a photo of that car and use this image in your visualization.


See yourself driving to work, to lunch, shopping and back home. Feel the sense of pride at your new car and enjoyment at how well it drives. During the day, you can reinforce images of being a new car owner in your mind.


Even while at a traffic light in your clunker, you can visualize how it will feel to hear the purr of a smooth motor, the comfort of the leather seats, the balanced music from four stereo speakers and the security of knowing that the new car is in top condition.


Each time you complete a visualization moment, no matter how brief, say thank you to the universe for the new car that you are about to receive.  Visualization works as well for actions as for things.


If you desire to be a positive person and release negativity, then begin and end each day with a visualization of yourself acting as a positive person acts. Hear what you say. Connect to the way you feel when making positive expressions and handling difficult situations without over-reacting or getting frustrated.


Each time you replay your visualization, give more attention to details or add more information. With practice, you will feel as if you are in a surround sound movie theatre watching a wonderful life unfold - with you as the star!

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