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Tackling Headache Pain Head On

Tackling Headache Pain Head On

Simple Headache Relief


When you're feeling the pain of headache, the only thing you want is headache relief.  And depending on the type of headache you have, you'll need to use a different method for headache relief.  Some headaches can be cured by resting and distressing while others require more serious interventions.  Take a look at some tried and true methods for headache relief.


Warm compresses can often be applied to the place where you have headache pain.  You can use hot water bottles, a warm washcloth, or another type of hot compress.  Make sure you use moist heat instead of dry heat.  This will help to relieve the muscle tension, loosen your sinuses, and bring headache relief. 


If you're suffering from sinus headache, a hot shower may be just what you need for headache relief.   The steam will help loosen your sinuses and provide relief.  You can also get some relief from eating spicy foods that make your nose run.  In addition, taking a decongestant and expectorant can help to thin the mucus that's causing the pressure and provide you with relief.


Some headaches caused by stress and muscle tension can be best relieved by massage.  Having your significant other or a professional rub your shoulders, back, and head can help you to get quick relief.  You may also want to try stretching your muscles by participating in yoga or a stretch and relaxation routine.  This can help to prevent muscle tension from causing you to have pain.  In this way you can have headache relief before you ever have a headache.


Sometimes sleep is the best cure for headache pain.  If your head is aching because you're stressed or tired, you may just need to take a nap or go to bed for the night.  Sleep allows your body to relax and allows your cells to be repaired.  You'll awake more refreshed and find that your headache pain is gone.


Another solution for headache relief can be found on your bed.  You need to make sure your mattress has plenty of support and that you have good pillows to support your head and neck.  For many people a poor night of sleep on an unsupportive mattress is the cause for headache pain.  You can experience relief by simply getting a good night's sleep.


Headache pain can ruin your whole day, but some simple steps will help you to experience headache relief and go about your day with energy. 


Getting Headache Treatment That's Right for You


If you're suffering from headaches, you may be doing so needlessly.  There is headache treatment for just about every kind of treatment.  But you may not know where to look.  If you live with headaches on a regular basis, take a look at these options for treatment that can relieve your pain and help you to live a healthier, happier life.


The first step for headache treatment is to keep a journal of your headaches.  Every time you have a headache, write it down.  Make sure to write down the time it started, the symptoms you were feeling, where exactly your head was hurting, and when the pain ended.  This is critical information that will help to diagnose the kind of headaches you have so that you can get the correct treatment.


Once you've kept a record of your headaches, you need to make an appointment with your healthcare provider.  You can share your symptoms with him or her and together you can determine the next course of action.  Don't be surprised if your doctor orders an x-ray or an MRI test to take a look at your head, neck, and brain.  Headaches have many causes including disease, muscle injury, joint injury, and muscle tension. 


You should also get your eyes examined.  Eyes that are having trouble focusing can result in eye strain headache. The treatment for that includes prescription glasses or contact lenses.  For many people, wearing the correct eye prescription can alleviate headaches altogether.


If you take a test that reveals you have an injury or illness, you will be treated for it and also be relieved of headache pain.  But for most people, headaches are just caused by improper posture, stress, and muscle fatigue.


Treatment for your average headache may include over the counter medication, stretching exercises, proper posture, and massage.  If you are diagnosed with migraine headache, you may be prescribed medication to treat your symptoms and, in some cases, prevent headaches in the first place.


Severe tension headaches can also be treated with prescription medication.  You can discuss your issues with your healthcare provider and he or she will help you to get the best headache treatment available.  In today's medical world, headache treatment is more successful than ever.  You may be able to live a life completely free from headaches that were once debilitating for you.  Don't wait to get help for headaches - you're only putting off relief.


Headache Nausea Can Be a Key to Treatment


If you're experience headaches that are also coupled with nausea, you need to understand that this symptom can help your healthcare provider to treat you properly.  When you experience this symptom, you may also be experiencing the sever migraine type of headache.


It's important to see a healthcare provider if you're experiencing headache nausea.  This could be a key to making sure you get the correct diagnosis and treatment.  If you are experiencing migraines, over the counter medication may do nothing to help you with your pain.    And if you experience nausea with your migraine, you may need to take a different type of medication.


For example, migraine medications come in many forms that can help relieve the nausea that they can also cause.  If you experience headache nausea and vomiting with a migraine, medications you must swallow can be a bad idea.  Not only will they upset your stomach even more, you may lose the medication when you vomit and then the medication can't work on your headache.


Instead of the traditional pills you have to swallow, migraine medications come in nasal spray form.  These are sprayed into your nose at the onset of your headache and can help prevent the headache from getting advanced.  In addition, you won't have any medication in your stomach to increase your nausea.  You can also take oral pills that dissolve under the tongue.  These are called sublingual medications.  They release the medication into the bloodstream through the blood vessels under your tongue and prevent increased headache nausea.


Another option if you experience headache nausea is to take medication in the form of an injection, or shot.  While the thought of needles may make you feel squeamish, this form of medication is fast acting and helps you avoid the extra nausea associated with some headache medications.


There are some other types of headaches, such as tension headaches, that also cause some stomach nausea.  This is especially true if the headache continues for a long time and the pain continues to increase.  Prescription medications can often stop the headache and, as a result, stop the headache nausea.


If you're experiencing headache nausea, you should see a healthcare provider.  He or she can diagnose your headache, rule out any other complications, and make sure you get the proper treatment.  Nausea is one of the most miserable feelings you can experience.  But you don't have to suffer from headache nausea when you have the correct treatment for your ailment.


Handling Headache Neck Pain


If you suffer from headaches, you may not only feel discomfort on the top part of your head.  Frequently headache neck pain is involved in the symptoms of headache.  If you're suffering from neck pain, you may want to take a few special measures to help relieve your suffering.


Neck pain can be associated with headaches - and is sometimes the cause of them.  If you're suffering from headache neck pain, you may want to see your healthcare provider to determine if you have an injury.  Muscle or soft tissue injuries can often affect neck pain.  What you may think is a tension headache may actually be the result of an injury.  You may also want to make sure you don't have a spine injury. 


If you've had a fall, a car accident, or some other type of accident you need to make sure you see a healthcare provider.  This sort of injury can cause headache neck pain and leave you feeling miserable.  But proper treatment of an injury may be all you need to get back to normal.  Some injuries may be treated with medication, surgery, manipulation, or a combination of them.


Once you've determined that you don't have an injury, you may need to focus your efforts on relaxing the muscles of the head and neck.  The neck tends to work very hard keeping your head in place all day.  It also receives pressure from stress.  In addition, women often experience additional neck pain because of bra straps.


It's important to take care of your neck.  Regular stretching exercises can help you to relieve headache neck pain.  You can take yoga or stretch classes to make sure you use the correct movements.  In addition, instructional videos are available that will allow you to follow guided movements that help to relax your neck and other muscles.


You also need to make sure you get a good night's sleep on a bed that is supportive.  Pillows should also be supportive and comfortable.  When you sleep improperly, you can increase headache neck pain. 


Massage therapy is another option for dealing with neck pain.  You can schedule regular massages to help work out the tension in your neck.  If your budget can't handle a one-hour massage, you may want to try going to a massage therapy school where students perform massages at much reduced rates.  You can also get chair massages that are shorter and less expensive. 


Find a Headache Cure to Set Yourself Free


For many people, headaches are a way of life.  Missed work, miserable days, and painful nights can be the story of someone who has chronic headaches.  But finding a headache cure could mean an end to the misery and the start of a new life free from pain.  But many people suffer for years without even attempting to find the cause.


Perhaps that's because headache pain may start out mild and gradually increase. You may not realize how much headaches are affecting you.  But if you've taken days off of work or found yourself unable to function because of headaches, it's time to take control of your headaches and find a headache cure.


It may seem like a life free from headache pain isn't possible, but you can have immediate relief when you pinpoint the cause of your headaches and talk to healthcare provider about treatment.  Some headaches are so simple to treat that you'll wonder why you ever put it off.


There are many things you can do at home that will help to treat specific types of headaches.  For others, you'll need to see a doctor for prescription treatment.  Still homeopathic practitioners can also prescribe herbs and other alternative therapies for headache cure.


How many evenings are you going to cancel your plans before you seek help?  How many days of work will you miss?  How many times will you disappoint your kids when you're too tired or in too much pain to play with them?  It doesn't have to be that way - you can cure your headache and have a full and productive life.


For some people, a headache cure can come instantly as soon as the underlying cause is found.  For example, a sinus infection that's treated properly may end your headaches or treating chronic allergies could end your pain.  For others, headache cure is more about headache management and taking care to minimize pain and prevent more serious problems.


Whatever the case may be for you, it's time to work on a headache cure now.  You don't need to suffer with pain day in and day out when there's help available.  In today's medical world, there are many treatment options and cures for headache pain.  You don't have to put it off any more.


Many people don't realize how much a headache is affecting them until they get a headache cure.  At that point they feel so much better it's like having a new lease on life.


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