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Are You Ready for Hardcore Physical and Mental Fitness?

Are You Ready for Hardcore Physical and Mental Fitness?

There’s a difference between “toning for the beach” and hardcore power fitness for the body and mind. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to turn flab into toned, sleek muscles that look good on vacation, but elite power fitness isn’t a seasonal chore – it’s a lifestyle.


In order to pursue this regimen, you have to be ready for change unlike anything you’ve ever dedicated yourself to previously. It will be tough. It will drain you at times.


But you will also learn how to push through those rough moments of physical exertion (and tedious mental struggles) and emerge victorious – feeling as if there’s no one and nothing that can pose an obstacle to your success.


Starting out on this program, it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, trim or overweight, or male or female. Anyone can do it. What you do need to have are guts – sheer courage to undertake a rigorous makeover for your life.


This isn’t just about creating a powerful body, either. Physical strength and fitness will help you in all areas of your life. But it’s also about elevating your state of mind – because physical power without mental strength does not allow you to lead a truly fulfilling life.


There isn’t a timeline for this challenge. This is the way life will be from now on. If you take a day of rest, that’s up to you. But the official regiment lasts for two full hours each day.


You can split this block of time up – and you’ll see how to do that in the next chapter – but it will be a combination of strength, stamina and mental exercises to help you achieve your fitness and life goals.


Will it be hard in the beginning? If it’s not, then you’re not pushing yourself enough. Your body and mind are capable of far more than you can ever imagine. You just have to take it to the brink of greatness and get a taste of what you can do.


This type of training isn’t new. It’s not the latest fad or trend – although more people in this stressed out, obese world are making the commitment. It’s been used for centuries – by top military groups, Samurai Warriors, and high-level authority figures who strive for greatness in their daily lives. You’re not the first – you’re just joining the ranks of those who previously proved it’s possible.


Which Power Plan Do You Need?


As stated before, this is a two-hour regimen. Does that mean you have to do two hours a day? You should – but it’s up to you to use some common sense and know whether you’re making excuses or if you have viable reasons not to do the full-scale workout.


For example, if you’re sick with the flu, then you probably shouldn’t do the strength or stamina portion. However, you could still tap into the mind challenges if you feel up to it.


You have to want it bad. If you want it badly enough – you’ll find time and create space to get things done. You’ll wake up earlier than you used to, or hit the gym after work or during your lunch hour.


You won’t quit or slack off – because if that’s where you are, it’s best to revert back to your springtime fat burning routine for the beach. Don’t set yourself up for failure – because this challenge is made for elite powerhouses.


Even if what you see on the outside right now is someone physically unfit. The heart and mindset that you possess is what determines whether or not you’re ready or this.


So each day will be split into strength, stamina and mind. You have to decide how you’ll chop that up for your own regimen. For example, let’s say you’re not in too bad of shape and you’re feeling like life is pretty good.


You might choose the 30-1-30 option where you do 30 minutes of stamina, 1 hour of strength, and 30 minutes of mindset.


If you know you have ample fat stores to burn, then you might switch gears and do 1 hour of stamina, 30 of strength and 30 of mindset.


Of course, if life is one big ball of stress right now, you can offset that with a 30-30-1 option where you devote a full hour to work on your mental stress relief and strength.


If you’re pretty even, you can also do a 40-40-40 choice where it provides you with a well-rounded challenge.


Don’t feel like whatever you choose in the beginning has to stay that way. One week, you might be under an immense amount of pressure – so you swap out a longer stamina routine for mental strengthening exercises.


You get to control this elite power fitness regimen. You’re the one in charge. I’m just going to give you the tools to educate yourself and understand which options are at your disposal to change your life forever.


You want to enjoy the routines as much as possible – while being willing to overcome fears, learn new techniques, and push yourself to the limit. If you usually use dumbbells for strength, then try climbing a rope instead. Switch it up and get a taste of what your body can achieve.


Whatever you do, never get into the same, well-worn habits like doing kettlebells six days a week, 12 months a year. Not only is that boring, but you’re not challenging your body to succeed in new feats.

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