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Turn The Profit Corner Series


The 24 Hour Product Creation Guide

Creating a profitable product doesn't need to take long. Even if you don't have a lick of experience, you only need to do about 24 hours' worth of work to go from brainstorming an idea to a creating an in-demand slide-share video and manuscript. And as you gain experience, you'll be able to step through this process even faster!

Question is, what exactly should you do during each of those 24 hours?

The answer to that million-dollar question lies inside this guide. You'll get an exact step-by-step blueprint that will walk you through each hour and each step you need to complete to go from product idea to product completion.

Your products are the heart of your business profits, and this guide shows you how to create more products more quickly so you can generate more profits!

Guides Included In  Turn The Profit Corner Series

These Step By Step Business Building Guides Are Approximately 3,200 Words Each (12 - 14 Pages) Giving You Over 72 Pages Of Highly-Detailed Content For Building Your Business!

You Also Get a Cheat Sheet To Go Along With Each Of These Six Profitable Business Guides! These cheat sheets condense each guide into its most important points, tips and steps. That means you can print them out and have them handy to remind yourself of what to do next just by glancing them.

What You Get:

  • 6 Info Packed Blueprint Guides - No fluff, no filler. Just informative, useful information.

  • 6 Infographic Cheat Sheets - You can view the contents above.

  • Products in .DOC, .PDF and .HTML format

  • Graphics in .PSD and .PNG format

  • Professionally Authored Sales letter

  • Restricted Private Label Rights

Turn the profit corner in your own business and then use this high value, high quality content to help others do the same. You can edit, brand, publish and profit from it all. To purchase, click the link below. You will be instantly re-directed to a download page for ALL Six Guides and Cheat Sheets in this series.

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