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Think Hard Before You Clock Out of the 9-5 Grind for Good

Think Hard Before You Clock Out of the 9-5 Grind for Good

The first thing you need to understand is the word business. Please don’t confuse this with the word lottery. Many new online marketers make this mistake – they expect to log on, stick a website up and ka-Ching! Instant cash machine.


Internet marketing is definitely not a get rich quick industry. If you treat it like one, you’ll end up frustrated, broke, and possibly even embarrassed. Building a profitable, sustainable business online takes time.


It’s really hard to accept this mindset when so many sales pages have marketing memos telling you how much money they make and how easy it is, using words like “guaranteed.” 


Every guru I’ve ever worked for or spoken to admitted they had a learning curve and some got going, went back to zilch, and had to start over. Others started out slow, saw money trickling in, and built upon it (like me).


An Internet business requires considerably less time and money to start and manage than even a small offline venture, and you’ll probably see results a lot faster online. But getting into profit with your digital enterprise is probably not going to be an overnight event.


Don’t get caught unprepared!


Because of the fact that there are no guarantees, you’ll want a safety net to fall back on. I highly recommend you either keep your day job until you begin seeing profits, or have some funds set up to sustain you while you learn to eke out a living on the World Wide Web.


There’s no reason to find this discouraging. If it was really just a matter of plugging in and getting instantly rich, everyone would be doing it and there would be nobody left to bag your groceries or punch your ticket at the movie theatre.


You simply need to understand that you might not see any returns on your efforts right away. So you either need to have plenty of money saved before firing your boss, or you need to accept the fact that you’ll be working TWO jobs in the beginning - your regular j-o-b and your start-up business.


Many successful online entrepreneurs worked their business part-time when they were starting out because they still had their day job. And most people recommend having at least three full months of income saved before making the leap from employee to full-time home business owner.


One of my readers who already bought this eBook reminded me that you also have to consider that when you give up a corporate salary, you may also be giving up benefits like health, dental, etc.


If you’re married to a spouse who has insurance coverage, this may be a non-issue – but if not, work out your benefit plan ahead of time.


I want you to think ahead and set it up right from the beginning. What’s that saying? If you fail to plan, plan to fail! That fits in well with the Internet marketing industry.

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