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Have Some Seed Money to Invest Where It's Needed

Have Some Seed Money to Invest Where It's Needed

This is contrary to what many people want to hear, but it’s a great idea to have some seed money to invest into your new venture. You’re starting a business remember? Everyone will be trying to sell you the story, “You don’t have to have money to make money,” but in reality, it’s best if you do.


Too many people expect to be able to start a thriving business without spending a dime. While you can start working online with no out-of-pocket expenses, you won’t be able to start the kind of business that allows you to quit your job right away if you’re determined to do everything for free.


Paying attention to this step in the process will make the previous steps much easier. If you have some cash to invest in the tools you need to succeed, it makes much more sense to quit your job and focus fulltime on your Internet marketing strategy.


And your spouse or family will take you far more seriously (in most cases) if you have some working capital to play with.


Even a small amount of start-up money is far better than making the leap with empty pockets. How seriously would you take a person who tells you they’re starting a business, and then tells you they don’t have two nickels to rub together?


Be honest - you’d probably think they were being ridiculous.


A few examples of basic tools and resources you might need are domain names, a web hosting account, money for site building software or a web design service, and a keyword research tool.


For as little as $100 you can cover the basics and have a reasonable foundation for your first foray into e-commerce.


If nothing else, spending a little money on some great training information (such as reputable eBooks) is a very wise move. After all, you’re new to the Internet marketing game. Spending a few bucks on some expert advice can make a big difference in your results.


Ideally you can use your start-up funds to create a monthly operating budget for your first 90 days. Having this kind of security net in the beginning can lift a lot of stress off of you and help you focus on the best possible marketing plan in the shortest amount of time.


Do anything you can to come up with some initial cash. Beg, borrow, scrape - even have a yard sale! Get creative and generate even a small amount of funding and you’ll be in much better shape than somebody who tries to slide by on the freebie program.

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