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Get Your Life in Order

Get Your Life in Order

If you’re ready to take the first crucial first steps toward becoming an entrepreneur or online marketer, you might be wondering where exactly what those steps are. The possibilities are virtually endless, but the following section will give you an overview of some basic start-up measures you can take.


Do Your Homework


Reading this report was a great first step for you. But true entrepreneurs are never finished learning and growing.


The most successful people you know about are still reading and looking for new material to absorb. Every successful marketer works hard to stay current within his or her industry.


Get used to the idea of doing research. It’s crucial to the success of everything you do from this point forward – either for your own business decisions or for the market’s needs that you’re targeting.


In the beginning, you’ll need to do considerable research just to figure out what kind of business you’re going to start. What skills and interest do you have now, and how do these translate to a potential business venture?


Research begins by investing time and/or money in the learning process. Find information about the specific types of business you’re interested in and devour it.


For now, if you don’t know what sort of business you’d like to start, then you can begin by learning about keyword and niche market research. This type of research allows you to see what products and services are in demand at that very moment so that you can build your business on a sound premise.


What businesses are doing well right now? Is there room in the marketplace for a new competitor? Can you make a slight change to the existing model and offer customers a new twist?


Take all the time you need to decide what your business will be about. This is an important decision that shouldn’t be rushed. I always tell people who email me desperate to pay their bills, get a job – this industry is to be tackled either in your spare time or when you have the nest egg to fund you through your learning curve until your business becomes profitable.


Your Game Plan


Once you have an idea of what your niche and business will be, you need a definite plan of action. Some things to consider are:


1.    When will you launch your new operation?

2.    How much time weekly/daily will you spend working the business?

3.    What work schedule will you follow? (Will you work 9 to 5 or just weekends?)

4.    What are the exact tasks that need to be completed to set your venture up?

5.    What tasks need to be covered during your first month of operation?


The above list will lead you to other, more specific questions concerning your unique venture. The point is - you need to plan every detail up front.


If you’ll be keeping your regular job until your business generates enough money for you to fire your boss, it’s a great idea to set a target freedom date. Since you’re new to all of this, it might be difficult for you to predict your monthly earnings.


You may have to just pick a somewhat arbitrary freedom date. Any goal you set now can be modified later as circumstances dictate - the crucial factor is not the specific goal, but simply the fact that you state it.


Recheck Your Frame of Mind


Have a final look at your entrepreneurial mindset. You should be totally motivated about where you’re headed, but remember to leave room for practical thinking. What if it takes you three months to make your first sale?


Can you deal with that emotionally and financially? It might work out that your sales start flowing in three days, but always prepare for the worst that could happen.  What if your first business plan falls apart right out of the gates? Do you have the discipline to pick up the pieces and either keep moving or return to the planning phase?


You might want to visualize the worst-case scenario for just a minute, and then tell yourself you can handle it. Don’t spend time dwelling on the negative possibilities, of course. Just use this quick exercise to convince yourself you’re ready for anything that happens on your road to great success.


Revalidate With the Important People in Your Life


Make sure your significant other is on board with the lifestyle changes you’re about to make. Let them know you’re serious about moving forward, and that you’ll need extra support from them in the months ahead.


Any other family members and friends you’re close with should also be reminded that you need their support. And those who aren’t capable of backing you up should be politely told to keep their negative feelings to themselves.


Once you’ve done all the research, planning, double-checking, and affirming, there’s only one thing left to do:


Take the plunge.

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