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Real Stories of Law of Attraction Success

Real Stories of Law of Attraction Success

The Law of Attraction is a high-sounding theory until you see how it works for real people. That’s when you find these principles are more than just good reading - they are good for living an abundant life.


It’s no wonder that books telling stories of real people who experienced the Law of Attraction are so popular. Without a doubt, the latest best seller, The Secret, launched a new wave of interest in the Law of Attraction.


Rhonda Byrne’s book is actually a compilation of the views of many believers over the centuries. Even Oprah Winfrey featured Rhonda and other contributors to The Secret movie onto her show to notify the masses about this concept Oprah herself says she’s always known, but never named.


If you want to know how this works for regular people, there are many great stories to read. The Chicken Soup empire was built on that first book which several publishers turned down called Chicken Soup for the Soul.


This collection of short reflections shows how the Law of Attraction worked in the lives of ordinary people. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansfield have expanded this instantly popular concept to specialized stories of Chicken Soup for teenagers, older adults, diabetics, pet lovers and dozens of other titles.


What’s interesting about the wealth of different Chicken Soup titles is what they have in common: each shows situations in which a person’s need was filled almost miraculously.  Another variation on this concept is Allison Bottke’s God Grants U-Turns, more Chicken Soup-style stories from a Christian worldview.


These are stories of people whose situations were beyond their control and only changed by connection with God. In a Law of Attraction context, you could say that these people went from living under negativity into positivity.


They chose to accept a hand out of their circumstances, made a U-turn away from negativity and thrived in their newfound positive environment.  Don’t be mistaken and think that every Law of Attraction story is about winning the lottery or getting a new luxury car.


That’s not true.  Yes, you can ask for what you need, believe it and receive it. You can also ask for many unseen needs - such as confidence, boldness and willingness to move forward. 


These are the requests that take a grieving widow with three young children and no job from bankruptcy to redefining her self-image, seeking training and securing a financial future for her children. 


A man gambles away his money, loses his family and goes to jail for fraud. While he is there, he can see “bars or stars” outside his cell. When he’s ready to grasp the law of attraction as a force for good, not something else he can scam, then he can move forward.


No, the prison doors don’t suddenly spring open.  He serves his time while visualizing and reframing his future. Once he leaves prison, he leaves his old self behind and is ready to claim his positive self in a new life.


Those are the kind of stories you’ll read in any collection of Law of Attraction experiences.  Are you ready to re-write your story? Will you allow the Law of Attraction to work in your life?


You can make the turn away from negativity, lack, loss and other deficits that hold you back from where you want to be. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by practicing the law of attraction. Rewrite your story, and then share it with others.


Remember - energy is an amazing force. You can't “see” electricity - but when you plug your toaster into the power outlet, it has the power to toast the bread. Positive energy is there for you to plug into by using the Law of Attraction.


But nothing happens to bring change into your life until you plug in. Just like an electrical plug, it has to make full contact with the power source to operate the appliance. A poor connection will not transmit the power.


In applying the Law of Attraction, you have to plug in all the way. You don't try attraction - you apply attraction. That's a connection to what the universe has to offer!

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