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Top Weight Loss Trends for 2023

Top Weight Loss Trends for 2023

Dirty Keto Is Becoming More Popular


Diets are the most important part of any weight loss program. No matter how much you exercise, bad eating habits will stop you from losing any significant weight. The problem is, if you have bad eating habits, switching over to a diet can be pretty difficult.


All of a sudden, you’ve cut out almost everything you used to eat and replaced it with things you don’t normally eat, which can confuse your body. This can make it really difficult to keep up with your weight loss program for a long period of time.


One simple solution is dirty keto. Ketogenic diets involve cutting down your carbs to almost nothing so that your body enters a state of ketosis, which is where your body burns fats for energy instead of carbs.


This diet is great in short bursts for quick weight loss, but it’s not meant to be kept going for long. It can be difficult to start this diet in the first place, though, because a vast majority of most people’s diets involves carbs.


What sets dirty keto apart from any other kind of keto diet is that it still allows you to eat more comfort food, which makes transitioning into that diet a lot easier. While it still cuts out certain things like sweets that are always high carb, it still allows certain foods like fast food with a few small tweaks.


For example, under a traditional keto diet you could never get something like a fast-food cheeseburger, because it’s too high in carbs. However, you can get around that with dirty keto.


Instead, you’d get a burger and replace the bun with something like a lettuce wrap, reducing the amount of carbs while still allowing you to eat something that you enjoy. There have been a few issues raised concerning the dirty keto diet.


For one, it shouldn’t be used for extended periods of time. While your body can use fats as a source of energy and that will help you burn fat, it can’t run off of that forever, so you need to have rest periods in which you do consume a normal amount of carbs.


Dirty keto is best used as a transitional diet to help get you used to keto. It shouldn’t be used for too long at any given time, but it can certainly help with short bursts of weight loss.


This type of keto diet is great for people who have fast food addictions but need to get their body used to having very few carbs. If you don’t have a problem cutting sweets and breads out of your diet, then you might be just fine doing a simple keto plan that doesn’t involve dirty eating.



Will 2023 Be the Year of the Pioppi Diet?


Every year, new dietary trends arise from various health and fitness enthusiasts as well as dieticians. In past years, we’ve seen the rise of diets like ketosis, paleo, veganism, and more.


All of them have their own benefits and drawbacks, but a new diet is on the horizon: the Pioppi diet. The Pioppi diet is based off of the dietary habits of the people in a small town in Italy called Pioppi.


It began trending around the UK, and has started to spread around the world. Having been based off of an Italian town, this diet is similar to the already existing Mediterranean diet, but it has a few different tweaks that set it apart.


One of the main restrictions of the Pioppi diet is that it heavily limits the amount of carbs and sweets you can eat, but is otherwise high in fats. This means a lot of your diet will be spent eating things like nuts, beans, or veggies.


It also doesn’t allow the consumption of red meat, so you’ll likely be sticking with just chicken and fish for your sources of protein. One of the unique features of the Pioppi diet is the weekly fast that it incorporates.


Fasting once a week allows you to clean out your system thoroughly, which can help take excess fats out along with it. In a way, this also incorporates parts of a ketogenic diet, by severely limiting the amount of carbs you take in.


Due to the fact that Pioppi is a small and somewhat low-income town, the people there often eat much smaller portion sizes. This is also incorporated into the Pioppi diet, though it’s also just a good general rule when it comes to dieting.


Portion sizes are a major cause of weight gain in western countries, because while the food may be healthy, too much of anything can be a bad thing. The main reason that Pioppi was chosen as the town to emulate for dieting is that the people are notably more healthy than other average towns.


The citizens there have been shown, on average, to have longer lives with less serious diseases, including lower rates of Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Many dieticians and other medical professionals have attributed the better lives of the people in Pioppi to their dietary practices. This diet can help just about anyone improve their physical health, both in regards to weight and to diseases.



Different Methods of Intermittent Fasting


Everyone has probably heard about one of the many trendy diets that always come around, from paleo to alkaline and everything in between. These are all good and well, but some people get too caught up in which foods to eat over others and all the deeper nutritional facts, when it can be summarized pretty easily.


You need to burn more calories than you consume. If you’re extremely active, you can eat more than someone who isn’t because your body is using those calories. For most people who are either inactive or only somewhat active, it’s difficult to maintain that lower calorie diet each passing day.


Eventually, you might get tired of doing it and lose hope, especially if you’re not seeing results quick enough. There is a method that can help you eat a bit more on some days than others, though: intermittent fasting.


Intermittent fasting allows you to eat regularly most days, while eating an extremely low amount on others. This gives your body an overall net loss of calories, which is what you need to be able to lose weight.


Intermittent fasting is different than regular fasting, because you get to choose the days and the frequency of your fast. There are a few different methods of intermittent fasting out there, and you should experiment with them to figure out which one best fits your needs and your schedule.


One of the common methods of intermittent fasting is the two-five schedule. The two-five schedule allows you to spend five days of the week eating regularly, but you choose two days to eat no more than 500 calories.


There are also methods that have daily fasts, but you adjust the time of when you eat. For example, the Warrior fast gives you four hours to eat per day, with the remainder of the day spent consuming nothing but water.


This can help restrict your calorie levels greatly and help your body start burning off fat for energy. When it comes to the hourly-based fasts like the Warrior fast, you don’t necessarily have to do them every day.


If you’ve never fasted before, start off just doing it one day out of the week. Once you get acclimated to doing that, you can move up to twice a week or more, giving yourself more days in which you’re using up fat for energy. It’s good to leave one or two days per week as regular eating days, just to make sure you keep your energy up.



Hypnosis Offers Hope to Those Trying to Shed Pounds


Weight loss is often a lot more complex than it seems. On the surface, you’d think that just working out a little more often would get you in better shape. After that you might start trying to incorporate a diet as well, which comes with its own challenges of finding out which diet is right for you.


Then you start to learn that there are all these little tips and tricks - small things that you have to do in order to meet your weight loss goals. While all of that is important, there’s an aspect of weight loss that’s often overlooked: the psychology of losing weight.


If you’re not mentally invested in your plan to lose weight, you’re going to fall apart somewhere along the line. It might be that you don’t feel like working out one day and you fall off track from there, or it could be that you chose to have a cheat day in your diet and gave in to your old eating habits.


Either way, you need to be mentally prepared to overcome temptations and obstacles in your weight loss plan. One of the best solutions that some people have found is hypnotherapy, or simply hypnosis.


Hypnotherapy involves having a professional sew thoughts into your subconscious mind, so that instead of having to actively think about wanting to do something, it’s always somewhat on your mind.


By using hypnotherapy to plant thoughts of your dedication to weight loss, you’ll find yourself a lot more motivated to stick with your plans. This technique has been found to be especially useful in people who are struggling to get over humps in their weight loss progress.


By having these thoughts firmly set into your subconscious, you won’t give up motivation and won’t have to go out of your way to motivate yourself. Almost anyone who starts a plan will go through cycles of losing weight and then plateauing for a while, but that’s something that you can mentally overcome without giving up.


No matter which diet or workout routine you choose to help you get in shape, the most important factor is whether or not you’ll adhere to it. You could be following the top program in weight loss and still come up short of your goals if you don’t think you’re strong enough to follow through, but with the right mental fortitude, you’ll be able to reach your goal much faster.



Why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Might Help You Succeed with Weight Loss


Often times, we try our absolute hardest to lose weight, attempting to follow different diet plans and workout regimens, but always coming up short of our goal. Sometimes it’s because we skip a few days of our workouts and then end up stopping it all together, and sometimes it’s because we started to cheat on our diets.


However, while some might portray your shortcomings as being your fault due to a lack of willpower, recent studies suggest that your weight loss issues might be stemming from how your brain is wired.


Researchers have been able to identify key parts of the brain that control things like self-control and motivation, both being major factors in your success in weight loss. They were able to identify these sections using an MRI, which scans your brain and can detect activity.


By having people work out and observe motivational videos while hooked up to an MRI, they could soundly deduce the parts of the brain related to physical exercise and weight loss.


Another important find in this study showed the purpose and effects of two major hormones found in those sections of the brain: ghrelin and leptin. They were found to have influenced people to be more likely to eat more whenever they started to drop pounds.


This could be linked to an evolutionary response that would keep our body weights in check automatically, ensuring we always had enough energy to keep up with strenuous tasks.


The results of this study have not only helped scientists identify which portions of the brain contribute to a lack of weight loss, but also helped point out some good solutions. Namely, cognitive behavioral therapy was shown to have a great amount of promise considering the findings of the research.


Cognitive behavioral therapy involves working through the problems you might be experiencing that might have influenced your excessive eating habits in an attempt to rewire your brain.


A lot of people are what’s known as stress eaters, meaning they eat excessively to cope with anything in their lives that’s causing them stress. This usually involves eating a lot of comfort food, which can lead to rapid weight gain.


Cognitive behavioral therapy can also help you lose weight by increasing your self-control, something that many people struggle with. By making you more likely to control your eating habits, you’ll be less likely to snack or cheat on your meals.


Scientists Are Studying the Effect of Cold in Helping with Weight Loss


When you’re cold, the first thing you think of is turning up the thermostat or getting somewhere so that you can get warm. You probably don’t think about how the cold can help you lose weight.


Yet it can. In fact, cold is a productive way to weight loss. The science behind it is both complicated and simple. It all begins with the receptors in your body. You have millions of these.


When the cold receptors receive the right amount of activity or stimuli, they respond with actions such as by boosting the metabolism for one. A lot of studies have been done on finding the best possible ways to lose weight loss because weight gain is on the rise from childhood and on up creating an epidemic of obesity.


The study on cold was the result of wanting to know how to stop this epidemic. Thanks to this study on how cold can affect and help the body lose weight, the results are pretty promising for those wanting to slim down.


By using the treatment methods discovered in the study, people can expect help with the weight loss through appetite control for one. The metabolism boost is another. But the cold treatment also can help the body improve on how well glucose is controlled and used by the body, which can be a factor in both weight gain and obesity.


The study shows that the ability to eradicate glucose intolerance is possible. In the study, scientists were able to pinpoint that exercise done through swimming in cold weather changed the body’s energy and lowered the hunger a person felt.


Scientists discovered that through stimulating the body’s cold receptors, it caused the brown fat to kick in, which is what’s needed to burn energy. This brown fat is full of cells that go to work to break the body fat down.


When this process happens, it affects other processes that are linked to weight gain and fat storage, like insulin resistance and slow metabolism. When the factors that are stalling your weight loss are removed, then your body will kick into gear and begin losing the weight even if you found it tough to lose in the past.


In further studies done on how cold can help with weight loss, it was found that icilin acts as a cold receptor. When you get cold, your body begins to shiver. During that process, the brown fat is then boosted so that it begins to work to fight fat and help you with your weight loss goals. The process creates an energy turnover within the body. The longer the cold stimuli is used, the more interaction it creates with the fat cells.

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