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10 Website Wisdom Articles

Optimize Your Website - Test Early, Test Often, Test Variety

Testing is one of the most overlooked business tasks. Without testing, you cannot know what tactics and actions are most profitable. Testing tells you which headline works best. It tells you which ad delivers targeted traffic. Testing tells you what your prospect’s priorities are. It tells you where to place you most important information on your website. In fact, testing can tell you just about anything you want to know.

Ten Ways to Improve Your Website Credibility and Why It Matters

Credibility matters. Your website is the only connection your prospects have to you. They don’t know if you are trustworthy. They don’t know if you know what you’re talking about. Yet, when you can establish that you’re a credible company and resource, then you’re golden. Why? Because people buy from companies they trust. They recommend them to others. They become loyal customers and visitors.

Three Ideas and Strategies to Give Your Visitors a Reason to Return

A website generates two main types of visitors. There are the visitors that stop by and leave. They never return again. Then there are the visitors that stop by. They bookmark your site. They sign up for your opt-in list. They subscribe to your blog. These are the visitors you want. When you can motivate more new visitors to come back, you’re on your way to earning their trust and converting them to customers.

7 More Website Wisdom Articles

  1. Seven Key Elements for a Successful Landing Page

  2. Seven Keyword Development Questions to Ask and Answer

  3. Effective Strategies to Guarantee Targeted Website Traffic

  4. Five Questions to Ask about Your Competition

  5. Four SEO Tools and How to Use Them to Build Your Business

  6. Make It Easy for Your Visitors to Complete Your Website Goals

  7. Two Keys to Happy Website Visitors

10 Web Design Articles

Your Website Design Options

When you’re creating a website there are a number of decisions to make. In addition to your budget and the creation process, there are features and functions to weight. There are so many fantastic technologies and options that the process can feel overwhelming!

#1 What’s the purpose of your website?

Website versus Blog –

Or Do I Need Both?

Creating a website for a new business? If so, you may be wondering which is the best choice – website or blog. The answer isn’t as difficult as you may think. Here’s how to make the right choice for you and your business goals.

#1 Business model and purpose

Why Content Is Crucial for Your Website

There’s one sure-fire way to success online. Make sure you have an abundance of content on your website. Without content there’s really no reason for anyone to visit your site. Here’s why content is so crucial for your website.

# 1 It offers value

7 More Website Design Articles

  1. Why Landing Pages Are Critical to Your Success

  2. How Many “Bells and Whistles” Does Your Website Really Need

  3. Easy Strategies to Make Your Website Accessible

  4. How Cool Is Your Website

  5. RSS Feeds – How to Incorporate Them into Your Website

  6. The Psychology behind Choosing the Right Colors for Your Website

  7. Which Website Design Software Is the Right One for Me?

10 Video Marketing Articles

How To Become A Video Marketing Pro In No Time

In today's high-speed world, you must now know how to use different forms of marketing to get your company's name out there. One way to do this is by using video marketing. Even if you are not an expert in video marketing, this article will give you some tips to use this technique for your business.

How To Make Video Marketing Easy Fun And Fruitful

If you have a business, you should always be on the lookout for new ways to market your products and services. By harnessing the power of Internet video, you can reach a wide audience with a small investment. Keep reading to learn how to run a great video marketing campaign.

Tips To Increase Profits Through Video Marketing

When you are thinking about marketing, one of the newest ways for you to show off your stuff is with video. Video helps people to see you, and it gives them an opportunity to realize that there is a real person behind your site. Here are some things you can do to use video marketing to maximize profits.

7 More Video Marketing Articles

  1. A Plethora Of Ideas For Video Marketing Excellence

  2. Learn About Video Marketing And How To Make It Work For You

  3. Looking For A Way To Increase Traffic Try  Video Marketing

  4. Excellent Advice On How To Use Video Marketing

  5. For Better Video Marketing Take Our Advice

  6. Market Videos With Success With These Tips

  7. Tips For Implementing Videos To Promote Your Business

Some Uses For This Content

LEAD GENERATORS - Subscription eCourses and/or emails

BACKLINK BAIT - Submit Content to Social Media Sites

WEBSITE CONTENT - Fodder for Search Engine Searches

INFOPRODUCTS - Combine into Reports, eBooks or Tutorials


The Future of the Web

The internet is a infinite platform of information and this  can be sources easily and conveniently with the right assisting tools. However, besides having the most current and updated tools, there is a need to have the best applications to go with the tools to ensure optimal results. This is where the new web 3.0 takes the prize for its most current and up-to-date facilitating element for the web user.


Introduction To Web 3.0


Very simply explained as the next generation rave, the web 3.0 will make the task of searching for a number of things at any given time, easier and faster with the least amount of effort put in on the part of the user.


An example of which is as follows; if the user is making arrangements to watch a movie and to have a meal out, the browsing exercise will commence where the user will key in the request to view all movies available for the desired time frame.

Some Uses For This Content

LEAD GENERATORS - Subscription eCourses and/or emails

BACKLINK BAIT - Submit Content to Social Media Sites

WEBSITE CONTENT - Fodder for Search Engine Searches

INFOPRODUCTS - Combine into Reports, eBooks or Tutorials

MULTI-MEDIA - Reformat into PowerPoint slides, video or audio


Web Presence

Attention Grabbing Headlines

So, you want to learn how to create attention-grabbing headlines that will motivate potential customers and close the deal?

If you’ve ever talked to copywriters, chances are you’ve heard about the power of a winning headline and its measurable effect on your bottom line. If you fail to capture your reader’s attention within the first few minutes of them reading your copy, you’ll likely lose them forever. 

Add to that, the fast-paced digital world where people are used to social media updates flying across their screen all day long, overloading them with information, and you need to work extra hard to capture their attention long enough to convince them to read your message.

Think about that for a minute and the pressure that it puts on copywriters.  Your headline matters so much that if you fail to hit the mark in your first few minutes (possibly seconds), you may never have another chance with that person again.


Your headline sets the tone. It’s the first impression you make on your visitor, and it’s single-handedly the most important component of a successful sales page.

Creating An Effective Sales Page

For those Internet marketers who have steady traffic coming to their websites but lack sales, it may be in the delivery where the problem exists. A sales page is the medium you can use to convert visitors into paying customers.


It is common for many Internet marketers to struggle at this point. They have worked hard to build up their traffic and they feel that that should be enough. The problem is, people are still too easily able to leave the website. They have not learned what is in it for them. A sales page can help you to do this.


There are several ways to use a sales page. One of the most effective methods is to develop one page for each product you are selling on your website. For example, if you have four different eBooks you are promoting, you could develop a sales page for each one. When visitors get to your website, they are able to follow links to get to the sales page of the eBook they are interested in.


You can also create sales pages that work as landing pages in that visitors will come directly to this page in order to learn more about the product or products you are offering, and hopefully, purchase them.

Blog Operations

The fact that blogs have become an extremely popular marketing and promotion method is no surprise. Not when you consider the advantages they offer over the standard website.


For one thing, if you use an independent online blogging service like ( you don’t need any web design or programming skills. You simply sign up for a free account, choose the template you want, and then begin posting content.


And since these types of services are maintained on the owner’s server, there’s no need to acquire independent web hosting or domain names. Whether you operate one blog or several hundred, there’s no cost whatsoever.


Another important advantage is being able to get your blog (and subsequently, future blog postings) indexed by search engines in a much shorter period of time.


For the most part, that can be attributed to three factors:


  • Search engines such as Google favor blogs, mostly because it’s fresh content that’s updated on a regular basis.

Video Playbook

Video is the fastest growing type of media online. Even companies that were founded on other types of broadcasting—such as Twitter and Instagram have begun to embrace video in order to improve visitor engagement and better connect with their target audience.


With the prevalence of high-speed internet access in most areas of the world, it’s no wonder video is the preferred method of communication, whether it be for educational purposes, or entertainment.


Unfortunately, incorporating video content on your blog or website hasn’t always been an easy task.  For many, uploading videos to their own hosting account is time-consuming and expensive, and while embedding videos from third-party services simplifies things, you’ll often end up losing a lot of control over how the videos are displayed.


Fortunately, there are simple solutions to these common issues, and you can use video on all your sites and blogs without the expense of hosting them yourself, and with all of the control you would expect if you DID host them!

In this guide, you’re going to learn some of the best ways to use video on your websites profitably, and just how easy it is to get around some of the biggest issues you might face when using it.

Harness The Power of Info-Graphics and Maximize Sales and Exposure

Info graphics can be an important tool for promoting practically anything online. From blogs to websites, eBooks to membership sites, info graphics are great for bringing attention to any online project.


As time goes on, the internet is gradually making people much more visually oriented than ever before.


As you probably already know, video has done a lot to change the landscape of media forever. First, it transformed entertainment from mostly read or heard (as in books and radio) into video (with television.)


Next, it changed music from a primarily audio format to a visual format. Have you ever heard the song Video Killed the Radio Star? This song describes perfectly the phenomenon of media moving from written or audio formats to visual. Videos and images are rapidly replacing written forms of communication.

When the internet first rose to popularity, video was relatively rare. Downloading a very short video on such slow internet connections could take hours. As bandwidth increased and speeds went from 14.4 kilobytes per second (or slower) to 10, 20, 30 or more megabits per second, video became a more viable option and its popularity exploded.

Website Design and Development

For the average webmaster, design and development are words that are most often associated with the overall character of a website. How it looks, how it presents itself to the viewer, how it will adapt to future “design” changes.


Of course, if your primary objective is to earn money online, the concept of design and development has a slightly different (and much less flamboyant) meaning.


The design factor merely relates to simplicity and function. Basically, you want a viewer to be able to interact with the website in an efficient and effective manner. That could mean…


  • following a pre-planned sales letter “trail” to a specific order button for a specific product


  • easily navigating through valuable content where products are sold or Google ads are displayed (or both)


  • accessing information that is directly linked to searchable keywords  associated with Google ads

How to Write Sales Pages That Sell

The first basic element of an effective Internet marketing (IM) sales page is the headline. Just like a newspaper sells based on the front-page headlines, your IM sales page is going to get viewers on the basis of the main headline. Thus, you have to be sure to make this as persuasive as possible while listing in one sentence the single biggest benefit your product or service has to offer to the potential customer.


Font Size Matters


Whatever your headline, you want it to be written in the biggest font found anywhere on the sales page. That means that it is meant to grab attention, and using the size of the font this way really sets it apart. Don't be too creative on the font type, as you want to make it very easy to read; however, be very careful to make it the biggest text on the page, as that does matter.


Use A Big Trigger


There are numerous psychological triggers that will produce an immediate reaction with your audience. You should study these triggers, understand the demographic...

Business Blogging Basics

If you’re reading this report, chances are that you want to make money in the lucrative and exciting world of blogging. You’re eager to join the ranks 6-figure blogging professionals who provide quality content to an ever-growing market.

So, you set out to build a great looking blog and begin to populate it with well-crafted content that touches down on topics that you believe are important to your target audience. Perhaps you’ve outsourced the work to qualified and experienced writers, or you’ve written it yourself. Either way, you have ensured that you are offering highly-sought after information that you know people will find useful.


Then you hit publish and sit back, waiting for the traffic to pour in.  There’s no possibly way that your content won’t attract hundreds of visitors, right? After all, you have worked hard on your content and you know that it’s exactly what your target market is looking for.


Creating engaging content is only the first step in building a website that will generate ongoing profit, but there’s far more to profitable blogging than that.

Live Video Marketing

Live video is quickly becoming one of the most powerful methods of reaching people. Think about some of the major product releases you (or people you know) have been excited about in recent years. Maybe it was the newest iPhone or Macbook. Maybe it was a really cool I.M. product that was hyped up.


Chances are, live video had a part in all the product’s hype. Apple does live streaming events on a regular basis. Why? Because they work! They make product announcements cool and fun, and people feel like they’re learning something before anyone else, because not everyone is able to watch the live event.


People can make comments and ask questions. Sometimes you’ll even learn more than your listeners!


In fact, many people are using live video in place of webinars, which is actually beneficial for many reasons, such as:


  • Webinars usually limit the number of viewers to a relatively small number, while many live video platforms don’t have limits or have much larger viewer limits.

  • Many live video methods can promote your live stream for you, even to people who don’t follow you, something webinar platforms can’t do.

Some Uses For This Content

LEAD GENERATORS - Downloadable PDFs and/or eCourses

BACKLINK BAIT - Submit Content to Social Media Sites

PAID PRODUCTS - Front End and Back End Profit Offers

MULTI-MEDIA - Reformat into PowerPoint Slides, video or audio

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