27 Ways You Can Use Your Blog

To Make Money Promoting Affiliate Offers

learn to earn information marketing series

If you're an affiliate marketer, then one of your most powerful tools is your blog. That's because your blog allows you to:

1.    Pull in traffic from the search engines.
2.    Establish yourself as a voice of authority in your niche.
3.    Cultivate relationships and build trust with your readers.
4.    Promote affiliate products and services in dozens of ways.

The focus of this report is on that fourth (and last) point.

That's because so many beginning bloggers assume that putting ads around their blog or throwing a couple links into their content are the only ways to make money.

Far from it!

Indeed, you're about to learn 27 ways you can use your blot to make money promoting affiliate offers.

Let's jump right in…

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