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PDF digital dynamos

Here's something NEW and FUN. I'm calling them our DIGITAL DYNAMOS. They are PDFs displaying an overview of our site content, organized and categorized for easy perusal.


If you are in a rush, simply click on the topic of your choice and it will open in PDF Format. From there you can browse online or download the doc to your desktop to examine at your leisure. Feel free to download as many as you want. They contain links back to our site, so if you find something you like, you can easily take a closer look and, if you like what you see, you can purchase.


Bear in mind, all products displayed in the PDFs below are actually complete content and graphic collections, which is why they are called portfolios. And all of our themed portfolios come complete with social media ready slide and PowerPoint presentations.

NOW, here's what's fun. We have this thing called "backwards pricing," which basically means the more you buy, the less you pay. So... rather than purchasing just one or more content bundles within a topical niche PDF, you could grab them all for a substantial discount. And, if you decide to save money and purchase one of our Niche Domination Packs, you get the editable PowerPoint templates for its Digital Dynamo, so you can brand and customize it for your own business use.

Think VIRAL, VIRTUAL SALES ASSISTANTS. PDFs are a universal mode of communication and information exchange, so folks won't have to come to you. You can send your content out to them! We also offer social media graphics for all our NDPs to make launching your business and brand as hassle free as humanly possible.

All of our Digital Dynamos also come with Digital Download PDFs, so not only can you make sales "on the go" but you can also send download information for every single product in your line by email rather than having to set up static and encrypted download pages. Or you can simply link to the download PDFs in your 'Thank You' notes.


This is an easy, peasy way to get started with digital marketing... or expand your current marketing efforts!

As you browse through our catalogues below, let you mind ponder all the possibilities:-)

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